Retro City Rampage DX Review (PS4/PS Vita) - punkandlizard

Punk writes for P&L: "The script, if you call it that, is a work of sheer genius throughout. It’s genuinely funny, a delicious parody with its tongue firmly in cheek, but it also raises some excellent social commentary too, believe it or not."

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Perjoss1233d ago

If you're into chip tune style music this game has a mind blowing soundtrack.

3-4-51233d ago

Does the Vita version have the Juke Box like the 3DS version does ?

I want to get but I want that Juke Box.

I can listen to 100+ chip tune songs on my 3DS via that game with the closed screen, so it's like a music player kind of.

I need more games for my Vita though, so if Vita version has the jukebox, I'm going with that.