A Wii U Is Mandatory If You Want To Talk About 2014's Game Of The Year

Polygon - The Nintendo Wii U has had a shaky past, and it's easy to criticize its terrible launch, confusing messaging and lack of modern conveniences.

It can often feel like a machine out of time, a console designed by a company that doesn't really understand how to compete in the modern market. Sales are up, but the system's installed base still can't compete with the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

That reality is rather quickly washed away by the fact that the Wii U has built the best library of exclusives of the current consoles, and that's another trend that won't likely end anytime soon. It would be hard to turn the Wii U into your primary console — there are simply too many games that will never be on the platform — but it's equally hard to ignore Nintendo's latest piece of hardware. There are simply too many amazing games that won't be available on any other console.

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People can't handle the truth sometimes.

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It's clever because I don't think it is possible to speak an ellipses.

I feel like nintendo did great this year, but you can't discount great multiplats like FC4 and DA:I. I:SS, LBP3, TF, and SSO were all solid efforts as well. Sure none of them blew me away, but I'm sure MK8 didn't blow people away either. As for Smash and B2, those are incredible games. Nintendo still doesn't have GTAV though or a LoU or Halo remaster, so Sony and MS actually did pretty well for their launch year.

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Only to the 2 people who got a wii u

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Go play your PS4. It may not have quite the selection of quality titles but, hey, the system itself sells more.
That's really all Sony fanboys have going for them going for them at the moment.

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I counted 15 of my friends alone with a wii u...and those are just MY friends.

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How come my comment was hidden, for trolling when I did not bash anyone, and then there is this comment which is clearly trolling did not.

My comment was...Lol, silence, because so many fanboys make fun and mock Wii U owners, for reasons like, its for kids, has no good games, Mario Mario Mario, etc. When really the Wii you for the past year or better has been an amazing console. And has more GOTY contenders than Microsoft and Sony.

That is a fact, not a fanboy comment, and I love Sony. Can't wait for 2015 when they start pumping it out.

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No one cares able this terrible console . You apologist need a real console not a kids toy.

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If anyone else had released a console like the wii u with its lack of third party support they would have long been dead by now. Goes to show that Nintendo however are a great game developer, it is hard to not get a wii u, especially next year.

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I agree. I fully intend to buy one next year. I'm also going to binge on some of the Wii games from last gen that I never got a chance to play. Unfortunately I've only played Wii Sports, Mario Galaxy, and New Super Mario Bros. The latter two were great, but I am full aware I'm missing out and I need my Zelda fix! Especially dat Wind Waker of my favourites in the series.

Edit: I wish they would make a Mario Party half as good as the original. They made so many over the years, but I don't think they ever got close to recapturing that magic.

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I did not have a Wii last gen either, so when I got a Wii U first game I got was The Last Story Wii, made by Final Fantasy and kingdom hearts guy, he left square enix after final fantasy 10 and kingdom hearts 2 which ever came out last......Nintendo own the IP so I hope they pay him to make another story cause I would preorder it right now....beside that going from playstation to Wii U i am having more fun than i had last gen, its worth it the Wii U

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