What Street Fighter V has to nail to stay on top

The features Capcom’s brawler needs for a fighting chance of retaining the crown on the pro scene.

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Massacred1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Agree with much of this, fifth Strike for sure.

Side note, anyone remember the frickin awesome song the beginning of Street Fighter IV?

kayoss1316d ago

This Generation we see more then our fair share of online and multiplayer issues. One of the best thing about Street figher games last Generation is the multiplayer competition. Capcom and Sony needs to put lots of effort on getting this right the first time before the launch of Street figher V. We dont want to see another debacle like Drive club, Halo MCC, and Assassin's creed to name a few.

mikeslemonade1316d ago

They need to get rid of the cartoony look. That was the first complaint when SFIV came out. Now people have let the art style slide. But that art style still takes away the cerebral and seriousness of the original game.

GokuSolosAll1316d ago

It needs more of a focus on skillful gameplay but easier controls. That will help both increase number of players and raise the skill cap.

PCGamingNoobs1316d ago

the key is in this online gaming world at the minute is to make a fighting game that isn't dominated by button bashers.

URNightmare1316d ago

"Skillfull gameplay and easier controls"

Usually, easier controls are for those with no skills.

Baka-akaB1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Not necessarily . Capcom's Marvel series got very accessible and easy to pull of basic controls ... so do quite a few of the ArcSys game

Over time some franchises that werent even about that aspect , got themselves trapped into over increasingly complex controls and combo schemes , when the heart of their gameplay was always about strategy , pacing , reading the opponent on top of mastering basic controls .

The "combo" and "hard" control focus works wonder for some franchise s that built around it , but not necessarily a few others like street fighter .

Street fighter was always quite mainstream , aside from some spin offs , or the flop of (the still excellent) SF3 ...the inclusion of " noob crutch" like ultras that some fans lamented about , and the ill-used move shortcuts , are tentatives to bring that back

yarbie10001316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

According to the dev - Street fighter doesn't make money and capcom considers it a dead franchise

PS3gamer4life1316d ago

Please add perrying in sf5

Doge1316d ago

How about no on-disc DLC?

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