Why Sony Should Do Another Run of 20th Anniversary PS4 Consoles

Push Square: "There’s no doubt about it: the 20th anniversary PlayStation 4 is the ninth wonder of the world. Sony’s nostalgic grey goodie box is a thing of sheer beauty, and an object that I suspect that every single one of you reading this article desires. The problem is that you probably can’t have one, as the Japanese giant only opted to manufacture 12,300 of the things globally – a cute, commemorative number, but nowhere near enough to satisfy the insatiable demands of PlayStation fans worldwide."

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uth111346d ago

The initial run should have been more than 12,300. I would agree with that.

But I don't like the idea that when you announce a limited edition item. Then later announce you are making more. It cheapens it, and it burns the people who paid a lot to get it.