Sony UK Boss: 'Street Fighter's Natural Home Is On Playstation'

IGN - Street Fighter V is set to be a console exclusive on PS4 and, according to Sony's UK PlayStation chief, it makes a lot of sense.

Speaking to IGN in London this morning, Fergal Gara claimed the console's long history with the fighting series means the news is worth celebrating.

"I wasn’t involved, so how it came about I can’t comment on, but I think it’s another fantastic example of how our heritage provides some fantastic opportunities not just to reminisce but to look forward as well," he said.

"Obviously it's a classic from earlier PlayStation days, but now it’s being reintroduced for the PS4 era. It was a huge hit on PlayStation, so I guess you could say Street Fighter’s natural home is on PlayStation. Now, I’m delighted that’s going to happen again in this cycle."

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Hellsvacancy1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I thought it was in an arcade, that's where I remember playing Street Fighter, fond memories

radler1195d ago

Yeah. If Tekken went back to being PS-exclusive he'd have a point, but saying Street Fighter's home is on PlayStation is bizarre.

Kribwalker1195d ago

That was literally the first thing that came to my mind when I read this. If street fighter was looking to go home it'd be arcade or nintendo

bumnut1195d ago

Or the Megadrive!

It only had 3 buttons so you had to press start to switch between punches & kicks!

miyamoto1195d ago

The only reason it came to SNES first is because of the 3 year exclusivity contract Nintendo imposed on 3rd party but once it came out on the Genesis it went out to sell around 1 to 2 million units evening things out to the point Sega put out the 6 button controller as defacto Genesis controller for the Genesis 2.
I have put so many hours into SF2 Special Champion Edition and it proved snappier than the SNES version. It became like a role playing game to me with Ken and Ryu as my main characters.

darthv721195d ago

The street fighter series has graced almost everything. From the arcade whence it started to systems like the TG16, SNES, Genesis, Amiga CD32, 3DO, gameboy, FM Towns, master system, X68000...

I would not say the playstation is anywhere close to being the "natural home" for the game. Street fighter has slept around in many homes.

check the link for more info:

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lemoncake1195d ago

Arcade, Nintendo, Sony then Microsoft in that order. Personally whenever i think streetfighter i think nintendo and the snes just like those comments above me.

When i think sony i think tekken.

Tzuno1195d ago

What do you expect from a Sony boss to say anyway, lol.

Magicite1195d ago

probably he means that out of all current platforms PS4 is the most fitting.

XtraTrstrL1195d ago

Yeah, but those days are over in most states. Cali and Japan are the main places that still have kinda thriving arcade scenes. I'm in FL, and it's definitely dead down here. Snes was the first real console home for it after arcades.

I'm just focused on getting all the new details and footage of the game first though, before jumping for joy that it's on PS4 - cuz I've been scared for the last few years that Capcom is gonna crush SF like they've done every other top IP of theirs. So, that's the more important thing to me, to make sure the game is actually good. So far, there seems to be some money saving going on with the character design being so close to SF4. They are still doing the ink blotches still even.

I really hope they differentiate this game from SF4 enough for it not to feel like some type of half-upgrade, half-new expansion. Way back when SF4 was releasing, and I was active on the Capcom boards, they promised SF5 would return to the hardcore roots. I hope they stick to their words on that.

darthv721195d ago

Arcades in general are pretty much defunct. In JP they are still thriving and the hot games are usually shmups and racing games.

Fighting games are still relevant there but nothing like they were years ago. When you had all manner of titles like KoF, Samurai Shodown, Fatal fury... Pretty much any Neo Geo fighter was taking in the lions share of $$ over there.

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Volkama1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I don't think anybody particularly associates Street Fighter with the Playstation brand. They might learn to now with 5, but not historically.

It's the arcade game that releases a bazillion iterations on all the 16bit consoles. And it started with number 2, a sequel to a phantom game nobody has ever played and lived to talk about.

Hellsvacancy1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Yeah I associate Tekken more with the Playstation rather than Street Fighter

Sony seems to have given up on Tekken, I personally prefer it over Street Fighter

Volkama1195d ago

Playstation and Namco were very cosy back then. Tekken and Ridge Racer were both a huge part of the Playstation brand. Neither IP is as powerful since going multiplatform. Probably an interesting case study in there somewhere.

kenshiro1001195d ago

I was about to mention Tekken.

I associate SF with Nintendo. Not sure why he said that.

Amuro1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

he said "natural" home not "original" home. And it makes sense because ever since the original PlayStation Street Fighter series has sold the most on PlayStation systems (PS1, PS2 and PS3).

And PS1 and PS2 pads are to this date the most popular pads on the FGC even though tournaments are done on Xbox. In fact, this year's Evo winner for SFIV won while using a freaking PS1 Pad. He won over the likes of Daigo, Mago, and Justin Wong with their $400 arcade sticks.

darthv721195d ago

@volkama... "a sequel to a phantom game nobody has ever played and lived to talk about."

it was fighting street on the PCE/TG16. I'm alive and I can talk about it. It played like crap but damn that redbook audio was some of the best for the time.

It's simply amazing how much of a starch contrast between that game and the PCE release of SF2 and how much better the controls are and especially the voice over.

I don't play the original very much other than to listen to the audio tracks but i do play the PCE SF2 with the 6 button pad and it really is impressive for a system that is technically 8bit.

N4g_null1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Great post darthv72. Another pce owner and yes that audio was really nice! On topic pc are the natural place for sf5 simply because that is what run most arcades cabinets now.

Ahhhh the neo geo and super graphx days.

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Inception1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I don't fully agree with him either but from historical pov you can associates SF with Playstation brand because SF EX 1-3 are console exclusive for PS. SF EX 3 even released as a launch title for PS2 and still exclusive (no arcade ver) for PS2 till this day.

Another SF title you can associates with Playstation brand is SF Alpha 3. Beside arcade, at that time SF Alpha 3 is a console exclusive for PS1 before capcom port it to Saturn, Dreamcast, GBA, PSP, PS2, and PSN.

darthv721195d ago

Of those 'ports' of Alpha 3 it is the Saturn that is the best. Even better than the Dreamcast which is surprising.

if you want to talk console exclusives then you have fighting Street for the TG16/PCE

SF2 (original) for the SNES/SFC

SF3 & 2nd impact for the Dreamcast

And then the EX games for playstation.

All of those listed above have had no other console versions other than possible compilation releases many years later but the initial releases have remained exclusive to those platforms.

Volkama1195d ago

Oh! You can confirm some of the mythology. Is it true that Ryu was the only playable character, Sagat was the end boss, and Sagat could only be knocked out by a dragon punch? :)

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Shinuz1195d ago

StreetFighter, best played with the dual shock's D-pad!!

Mikefizzled1195d ago

Cannot believe Luffy won Evo with a PS1 controller...

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