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"I have a confession. This time last year, I reviewed Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, the fifth installment in the Ace Attorney series. It was my first time playing an Ace Attorney game for longer than a few minutes, and I ended up giving it a positive review, which you can find here. I wrote my review of Dual Destinies after playing about half of the 30-hour experience–the press usually only get a game about a week before launch, so it’s common for lengthy games to get reviewed before completion. My confession is that after I published my review of Dual Destinies I continued to play it, and about a week later I fell in love with the series. In fact, I bought the four Ace Attorney games (and Ace Attorney Investigations) that I’d missed immediately upon completing Dual Destinies and played through them in the following month, almost without stopping. I’ve often looked back at my review of Dual Destinies and felt bothered by the fact that I didn’t give it a better review than I did."

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