Bungie Sits Down with Destiny LFG to Talk Matchmaking

Ever since the launch of the Vault of Glass matchmaking has been a huge issue in the Destiny community. Scores of fans have been begging Bungie to add matchmaking into the Raid, Nightfall, and Weekly Heroic Strike. Bungie has not been able to figure out an easy way of answering those calls so fans have turned elsewhere. Most have turned towards Destiny LFG.

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Jdoki1317d ago

I dunno if Bungie are trolling us by doing this.

They omit to put LFG functionality in the game, but acknowledge a website dedicated to providing that service.

I guess we shouldn't be too surprised, considering that we need to exit the game to experience the story... Why not exit the game to find a group. May as well strip out a load of other stuff too... Exit the game to read the stats of your weapon / armour. Exit the game to choose a mission....


pompombrum1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Bungie have trolled their fanbase so much since Destiny was announced, I imagine that they can't tell if they are trolling or not anymore.

DivoJones1317d ago

It would've been a good solution to the weekly/nightfall debacle as well.. make those a queue so if you got the DLC you can get the new one(s), and if not you get the original ones.

KwietStorm1317d ago

Well you do have to exit a patrol on earth to start a strike on earth. So yea.

MajorGecko1317d ago

i still dont understand the story at all and i love bungie (i read all the halo books when i was lil). They really flopped on the story im a level 25 and still dont understand whats behind the new DLC about crota,

pompombrum1317d ago

I'm level 28 and I don't even remember who crota is other than the only semi fun aspect of all the missions was swinging that sword around which I believe was called the sword of crota.

masterfox1317d ago

Is pretty obvious why they don't add matchmaking to the raids or the other strikes(weekly/nightfall), thats because if they add that most people will get the raid gear easier and so they will stop playing the raids and for the strikes is the same, players would be able to finish them and get the rewards much much easier, but since theres no matchmaking in those parts, gamers are force to look someone who is willing to help you or be able to join in, and thats the key to prolong this game even further.

Bungie is looking for some cheap ways to make this game even longer, take for example the new upgrade dmg on your exotic,
Bungie: you want more dmg ? ok then we will reset your weeks earned upgrade points and you will start all over again, enjoy!!
^^^ See what I mean ?, the loot system is part of this cheap tactics also. Remember the purple engrams ? each one of them turning into a blue one, but a month later Bungie "FIXED" saying "we hear you people and we fixed/solve that issue. <-- Well guess what is the little trick by them, after doing this people already spend dozens converting purple engrams but now when gamers hear this "FIX", they go and say "ohhh Is much better now"<-- Not only they say that but they there go again looking once more(more play time) for those pesky purple engrams.

In tuesday locking the content of some strikes was the last straw for me, they are literally Bungie saying "Meh Destiny players are so dumb right now, lets locked this week strikes so we can force players to buy our DLC", guess what I'm 100% sure there are going to be thousand and thousands of gamers after seeing that locked content they will go ahead and buy the DLC, seriously people not joking!, who knows what they will locked next time, for me that was the last straw and I will not support that [email protected]!

cr33ping_death1317d ago

Yeah...That's why they don't add matchmaking to the raid. Have you tried playing the game with random people? Some leave their controllers, quit, or don't have mics. But yeah your reason makes sense buddy.

BattleAxe1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Have you ever played Resistance 2's 8 player co-op? Finding people to play with and stay in the matches was never a problem. If it's a system where people can join mid-game, then you will always have a full room, even if someone decides to drop out.

This whole thing about playing with people you know who want to complete the raid is also nonsense. If I have 5 other friends that I want to play with, then we would form a party and play the raid, simple as that.

If I have two or three friends online, and we want to play a raid, it would be nice to know that we could start a raid, and have the possibility of having strangers join into the game and help out. This is the way it works in pretty much every other co-op game out there. These people at Bungie are acting like a bunch of amateurs that are straight out of college with no gaming experience. It's like they studied Minecraft, and then proceeded to make Destiny.

I find so many design decisions with this game so completely mind boggling, especially from a studio who made one of the most loved and iconic game franchises in history. It's almost like anyone with any kind of talent or experience in gaming had decided to leave the studio before or during production of this game.

Syleros1317d ago

Raid matchmaking ruined World of Warcraft.

Tex1171317d ago

I actually support the decision to not put in matchmaking for the raid and night fall (but the rest should be).

You have to really want to play the raid and commit to beating it when you hop on LFG (though I still run into guys who come in, there is one wipe, and they leave...b-stards).

In other words, making the barrier of entry higher means you really have to want it.

The_KELRaTH1317d ago

There are lots of options to creating a Raid team that could and should have been implemented such as using a section in the tower where players could look at Raid boards and click their interest to participate - when positions are filled players are notified the raid is going to start.

The interested player spots could be filled by friends, 6 player and 3 player fireteam etc.

cr33ping_death1317d ago

That actually sounds like a good idea.

Jdoki1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

I get what you're saying, and I largely agree. The bar should be high.

But the problem I see with this, is that Bungie give us very few useful tools to forge the alliances with other people who really want to complete Raids.

For example, I can play basic Strikes and get grouped up. And if at the end of it there's someone who played well I could add them, but it doesn't feel right to me - I don't like the idea of clogging up my Friends list with people I have been teamed up with once. And if I don't add the player then my chances of encountering them again is low.

What I'd like to see is:
- At the end of a basic Strike with random Matchmaking I am given the opportunity to rate the other players positively or negatively
- In future the Bungie Matchmaking will try and include high rated players from my list, and exclude low rated. It would also try and ensure players who high rated each other appear in the same public instances.
- I also have the tools to filter and review my rating list - to see how many times we were grouped, how many times I gave them a positive rating, and add them to an in-game friend list (NOT the permanent Friends list) to attempt Raids / NightFalls with

This seems like it would work well.

Other than that Bungie need to add 'Guilds', which are allowed to Raid together, and have robust tools to kick players and monitor those who drop out after a wipe, or go AFK.