New Killzone multiplayer - The Valor Patch

Killzone's latest patch - 'The Valor patch' will be rolling out today and will introduce new features to the existing multiplayer mode.


The post has been updated and a trailer of the patch has been added.

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ger23961320d ago

Awesome, the multiplayer keeps getting better.

radler1320d ago

lol this "article" simply says there's a new patch and provides no other information other than a link to a post on another random website that's a month old.

Farsendor11320d ago

crazy how much they are supporting this game

joab7771320d ago

Yeah. It's one of my favorite multiplayers. Just havnt had the time.

XisThatKid1320d ago

Crazy? No. for fan of the franchise it's typical of GG to do this but I guess for the standard for the industry now it's def out of the ordinary. They had all this planned for over a year now and gave out a "down the road" schedule for the future DLC. The DLC I think ended somewhere around early 2016. So at least one more year of direct support I guess.

Farsendor11320d ago

I put countless hours into killzone 2 and don't remember this amount of patches and content being released.

XisThatKid1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

for the time, 3 expansion packs was alot and expensive to make. They are still supporting Mercenaries for Vita and that's from a subsidary. They did all in their first year of release if my mem serves me well. Not sayin your wrong or anything but I def expect premium support for this game by dev GG for at least another half a year as they said when launched. There were massive patches for KZ2 everytime they made the turn speed lighter and balance of the Air drones and turrets. The patch that made the med gun so much more efficient on MP and SP was apart of a big one, man the memories...

FunAndGun1320d ago

Have been playing this game since launch and it has gotten some great support and updates. Looking forward to checking out this Valor update. Now we just need some more retro maps please. Love the chaos of Killzone!

KOIMOJO1320d ago

Hey, I'm a huge killzone 2 and killzone 3 fan but didn't get my ps4 at launch. At this point for some reason I haven't picked it up but I have also heard the community is totally dead... Then these updates just keep getting churned out. Basically I'd love the opinion of someone who has been playing since launch on just what the state of the multiplayers community is. Thanks in advance :)

FunAndGun1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

I have played Shadow Fall a lot since launch. The player numbers have definitely fallen since then, but I can still always find full games. I pretty much only play on Extended Warzone. Last night when I was on, there were 8 rooms of Extended Warzone and each of those can hold 24 players...but that is not to say each room was full.

I have never had a problem finding a game and there are some veterans like me who are still playing. They are still updating and supporting this game and I heard there will be more retro maps coming. I can guarantee at some point the MP will be coming to PS+ as well so that will give a bump to the player base.

Personally I think KZ: SF is better than KZ3, but not better than KZ2. SF at this point is pretty balanced. There are counters to all abilities and it is a fairly skillful shooter.

I'm sure you can find the game for cheap and if you are a Killzone fan I would say check it out. There are sill intense battles being held in the Killzone.

You can add me if you want, PSN: KidCommando

Pintheshadows1320d ago

To be honest it has forged the kind of dedicated player base that made KZ2 so wonderful for such a long time. I think you will be at home. People who are still playing know what they are doing and how to play.

MrUndrhill1320d ago

It is worth it. Great multiplayer and co-op. The campaign, although uneven, is a lot of fun too.

SonyStyled1320d ago

i wouldnt call the community dead, id call it over a year old. ya know, that over a year old where the not so serious/8 year olds/cod players have moved on to other games. so what you are left with is an install base consisting of a strong regularly playing community who know the ins and outs and overall know how to play. your games wont be full all of the time. each team might have 8 or 9 of the 12 players in the game. still plenty to have a great enjoyable game. its the best mp fps i have played. if you grab it pick up the season pass. its $20 i believe. one of the dlc packs adds hilarious lines your soldier can say mid combat and its just perfect. i say go ahead and grab it. its really good

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