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"Phoenix Wright, Attorney at Law has had a long, bizarre career. He began his signature bumbling style of defense way back in 2001 on the Game Boy Advance, in an offbeat visual novel that seemed destined to remain confined to Japan. For unknown reasons Capcom thought their quirky little game might actually find success in the West, and released the GBA games as a series of updated remakes for the DS starting in 2005. Against conventional wisdom, counselor Wright and his eccentric cast of supporting characters proved to be a cult hit; it wasn’t long before fans started showing up in cosplay at anime cons, holding giant stylized “objection!” signs.

Visual novels have never caught on in America, but the Ace Attorney series’ mixture of outrageous anime humor, clever storytelling and smart use of the DS hardware made it addictive in its own special way. In the mid 2000’s gaming was caught off-guard by a wave of “why the hell not!” innovation as developers pitched their goofiest projects for the DS, but ironically it was an old game, not a new one, that led the charge alongside Trauma Center, Feel the Magic and Elite Beat Agents."

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