Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy 3DS Review: Trials of the Century - USGamer

"Like many of you, I grabbed 2005's Ace Attorney on a whim, driven by the curiosity of how this so-called "lawyer simulator" would play out. After the first trial, an experience I expected to coast by on sheer novelty took complete hold of me with its lovable characters, well-crafted mysteries, fantastic localization, and a general ability to up the stakes just when things couldn't possibly get any crazier. We're far removed from those early days of the DS, but Phoenix Wright's appeal hasn't faded for me a bit: I've devoured nearly every game in the series to date (and fallen head-over-heels for similar games like Danganronpa and its sequel), and, when I'm not playing video games, my reading choices tend to gravitate towards the sort of locked-room mysteries Ace Attorney specializes in."

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