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Dealspwn: "The Crew's magnificent automotive American playground and high-octane multiplayer road trips are sensational, but the tragedy is that Ubisoft and Ivory Tower didn't know when to stop.

Its irredeemably dreadful storyline, grim personality, invasive premium currency, miserly economy, deeply inconsistent event quality and always-on restrictions are all unnecessary yet wilfully sabotage what should have been a masterpiece."

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FuzzyPixels1346d ago

"The tragedy is that Ubisoft and Ivory Tower didn't know when to stop"

Sounds a lot like an Assassin's Creed game that fell, vomiting, out of the gates just a few weeks ago.

The whole "Ubisoft game" template is now beyond a joke, now stacked with microtransactions, even more invasive Uplay bullshit. This is production line game design where good ideas go to die (or get transformed into bloated, inconsistent, unsatisfying experiences).

Blues Cowboy1346d ago

Even the generic revenge storyline is being shoved straight into games it has no business being in!

Would Forza Horizon 2 have been better if Ben murdered your father? Would BurnOut Paradise be better if you had to avenge your brother? NO. It's like Ubisoft are running on a weird template that makes all their open-world games bleed into each other.

FuzzyPixels1345d ago

They're trying to copy EA again. It's the Ubi version of Need For Speed: The Run!