Dying Light 1080p/30 fps Ps4 confirmed

Yesterday Maciej Binkowski answered some questions on and dying light has confirmed 1080p/30 fps on the ps4. Xbox one is still an unknown.

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GarrusVakarian1321d ago

So much for 1080p 60fps being "absolutely doable".

Oh well, I hope the 30fps is stable. Game looks fun.

PoSTedUP1321d ago

i wonder if its hardware issues, or time, money and resources? because 1080/60 is doable from what weve seen.

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KrisButtar1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Where's you proof? Plants vs Zombies Garden? I don't see any games of this scale 1080/60 on the PS4 as much as I want there to be.

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BallsEye1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

1080p and 120 fps is doable... if the game will look like on ps1. If people around here wouldn't be such graphic whores, maybe we'd actually get some decent games in 60 fps. Common thinking around n4g is, FPS and gameplay doesn't matter as long as its 1080p and looks good on screenshots so you can show it off on the internet saying your console is superior 1000000% more powahhh.

Gamer19821321d ago

1080/60 should have been there since launch.. Some games will easily get it as they have less going on like sports and driving games. But the fact is the CPU heavily lets down the ps4 and the xbox. They finally stuck in a crap load of RAM we needed last gen and then shoved a laptop CPU inside to save costs.

NuggetsOfGod1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

get a pc or just accept it.

Join the MR or stop complianing

MRMagoo1231321d ago

The ones that complain about people only wanting 1080p then saying the game sucks if its not 60fps are just as bad, I dont see how anyone cant be happy if its a solid 30fps at 1080p.

garrettbobbyferguson1321d ago


Because 30 fps is terrible. I've been playing warthunder and occasionally an update will drop my FPS from 100+ to 30-40 and it's near unplayable. Game doesn't even require lightning fast reflexes.

zeee1321d ago

Just saw a video on IGN

Can't believe this game has been flying so low under my radar. I am so damn interested. I hope there are Humans in this game as well. I mean, like they have in WALKING DEAD or like they had in THE LAST OF US. Zombies can get boring quickly.

The graphics look good and it just looks like a combination of Fallout, Walking Dead (the whole zombie thing) and Far Cry.

I am highly interested now but I do need to see some more. There needs to be more than just Zombies.

AliTheSnake11321d ago

LOL at complainers. It is what it is, as long as :
1. the game runs stable (I don't care if it's 30fps or 60fps)
2. Graphics look like a PS4/XB1 game . ( I don't care if it's 900p or 1080p.
I will play

I have said this before and I will keep on saying, it is basic Elementary:
If this game was 60 fps. All of you mofos complaining now would be complaining that the graphics is not next gen enough. ( to increase the Frame rates per second, you have to Decrease the graphics settings).

Happy gaming.

kurruptor1320d ago

Saying 30fps is terrible is a little overboard. Not much last gen was more than 30fps and there weren't any complaints. How is it all of a sudden terrible?

Wizard_King1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

30FPS is terrible as a PC gamer you would know this, but alas. Constant 60FPS locked with Vsync on a 144hz monitor is good. Above 60FPS with adaptive vsync is even better.

I'm only 27 but when I go round a mates way and play console games (most at 30fps or below) it makes my head dizzy.

It's like if someone just built them selves a new gaming PC and it only gave them 30FPS in modern games I'd say they bought the wrong GPU+CPU combo. Making excuses for games running at such low FPS in this day and age is laughable, they should just lowering the settings until it hits 60FPS and be done with it.

Add to that the fact that Techland are not very good devs when it comes to optimization. For PC they recommend a i7 4770K + GTX 780ti for high settings or sli 780ti's for ultra with max AA etc. That is ridiculous when the game while looking great isn't a graphical benchmark by a long shot. And the minimum specs are i5-2500/FX-8320, GTX 560/HD6870 both well above the Xbox one and PS4 but only just good enough for bare minimum on PC? Please, the whole thing wreaks of trying to push a few more high end nVidia GPU's and more PS4's for those that wont upgrade to play it.

Such is the gaming mafia lol.

But it still does show how under powered these consoles are, even the day of their launch they where 2 years behind the curve.

mikeslemonade1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Based on the PC recommended specs a mid range PC will not be able to do 1080p and 30 frames.

The recommended hardware I estimate is about $800 even if you are savvy around looking for deals. The GTX 980 is alone is more than a PS4.

That being said I will probably get this on my PC. I got i7, 16gb ram, and two GTX 970s. For most people the PS4 is the better way to go. Don't let the mAster of none tell you PC is even better. Because it's actually not.

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radler1321d ago

Whenever a dev says that they're "aiming for 60fps" but put out a demo that's 30fps, the game ends up being 30fps.

None of them ever get it up to 60 unless it's running at that from day 1.

NuggetsOfGod1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I praise ninty for putting performance over graphics though.

Ps5 will be 4k 30fps...

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JimmyDM901321d ago

I'm not surprised. The optimization of Dead Island was terrible. Plus it was riddled with bugs.

larrysdirtydrawss1321d ago

its plenty doable,graphics would take a hit.... ps5 ps6 ps7 games will be the same way(mainly 30fps),consoles will always be weaker than top pc's and devs will pick 30fps and graphics

GarrusVakarian1320d ago

Psychic tales from your arse?

marloc_x1320d ago

Do you really think there will be a PS7?

RedDevils1320d ago

marloc_x, why would it a be PS7 unless you dead before it announce lol

darkside9121320d ago

These specifications are over exaggerated. Oo
video of the current release that has been given out to some media outlets. The guy has a 4770k and a gtx 660 and is getting a average of 45 to 50 fps. Another person with a 980gtx getting really high frames all the way up to 200fps during the game. AU
These specs are to be taken with a grain of salt. Also Techland has stated there not done optimizing the game since it still doesn't come out to January.

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Meltic1321d ago

1080p/30fps is ok as long as the game is good optimised

elsuperamigo1321d ago

I'm on the same boat since the beginning of the ps4 era i said we need to Have games on 1080p doesn't matter if is 30 or 60 fps half the time i dont notice the diference between 30/60 fps but i sure notice when a game is 1080p or 720p especially when i go back to play games in my ps3

Ghost_Nappa1321d ago

If you can't see the difference between 30fps and 60fps than you have bad eyesight.

jobboy1321d ago

30 fps for this kind of game is a no buy for me

HeavenlySnipes1321d ago

Lol @ the frames being a determining factor

Might as well sell your ps4

u4one1321d ago

So a game is only good if it runs at 60 fps or more? Story, visuals, gameplay don't matter? You should probably not play games on consoles and get a pc if that's the case because your options for titles are going to be very, very limited.

Gamer19821321d ago

You people who moan and whine about frames should really get a gaming PC and shouldn't rely on consoles to provide it. You really want everything don't you?? Why can't you just be happy with what you got?? You either have a console or 1080p/60fps. Been that way even last gen thanks to the way games are evolving the next gen will probably struggle too as they will be 100X more demanding than current games I mean we are already seeing over demanding games with the crap that is AC:U.

MRMagoo1231321d ago

AC:U wasnt demanding it was poorly made, even a pc with way higher specs than needed ran it like a turd on fire. I myself am happy with 1080p at 30fps on console as long as its stable, if I for some reason care about 60fps I will get it on my pc but most times its a non factor.

NeoGamer2321320d ago

So you have never bought a retail zombie game?

I do not know of retail zombie game ever released on consoles at 60 FPS.

Because of the number of zombies they have on screen at one time, holding 60 FPS would be very difficult. Especially if there is variety of zombies.

If you are waiting for a retail zombie game at 60 FPS on either X1 or PS4 you probably won't see it...

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kassler1321d ago

"We are aiming for 60fps" = 30fps.

Volkama1321d ago

= Dev would have been better off ignoring the question

bumnut1321d ago

I disagree, they should have just answered it honestly.

Volkama1321d ago

What makes you think they weren't answering honestly? Just because they didn't achieve 60 fps (or weren't happy with the trade offs) doesn't mean they never aimed to...

Palitera1321d ago

What about The Witcher's "we are aiming at 30 fps on consoles"?

This phrase pretty much guarantees I won't make a blind buy (aka preorder) for this game.

Anyway, I'd rather have more features and run at 30 FPS than a simplified 60 FPS game. I just hope they don't gave up on the best frame rate to put irrelevant shinier graphics.

nitus101320d ago

Personally I would never pre-order a game although I can understand if there is collectable or downloadable content but you really need to ask yourself if this content is really worth the price you have to pay.