Five Things Assassin's Creed Victory Needs

Kotaku writes:

Since Kotaku blew the cover off next year's major Assassin's Creed, tentatively titled Victory, reactions have run the gamut from excitement to anger and everything in between. To say this year's installment, Unity, is a divisive game would be an understatement of epic proportions. Like it or not, Ubisoft Quebec is hard at work on Victory. Let's look at five things thatcould make it the best game in the series.

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hazelamy1348d ago

it needs to be bloody finished before they release it is what it needs.

bixxel1348d ago

Have you noticed something?
In AC3 trailer,at the end they said "Rise"
In AC4 trailer,they said "Defy"
In AC Unity they said "Unite"
AC Victory says "Victory"

Think about it.When the oppressed RISE,then DEFY their oppressors and then UNITE against them,they achieve VICTORY.Maybe it's nothing.But it can't be a coincidence...

Mykky1348d ago

Interesting, thanks for pointing it out!

poppinslops1348d ago

Hopefully they exploit the various innovations of the era.

The cinematograph, steam-trains, electricity and 'medicinal' cocaine are just a few of the marvels of Victoriana... Horse-drawn carriages are apparently in the game, which likely means the return of those wonderful 'Badass on a rearing stallion' moments...

Otherwise, I expect lots of cockney goths and bad teeth.

bixxel1348d ago

Oh.My.God....Please don't get me overhyped.I haven't finished Unity yet.I'm at 40 %.Just aking tho,does the game get serious later on or does the story progress in this quiet way.Are there cool scripted action sequences later in the game?

poppinslops1348d ago

Things are just about to get messy...

I'm at about 50% and I've just 'exiled' Arno to Versailles, which seems like a good place to 'lay low' while collecting chests and getting a club together...

Whilst the story's second act does crescendo, I reckon the cinematics will peak with the Revolution itself...
Emperor Napoleon should be amusing, but there's still so much to do before His Eurotrashiness gets back from Africa...

bixxel1347d ago

Well.Okay.Thanks.How do you feel about this game? R u enjoying it compared to previous games? How does it rank among your favourite AC games? Just asking.

dreamoner1348d ago

Maybe don't fill all the map with meaningless collectibles. I'm a completionist but when I try to complete AC or Far Cry fully I give up half way and loose all my interest on the game. Also gameplay sucks, how many years since AC2 release? still the same gameplay, yeah unity removed the win/block button but now it's either too easy or too hard; unbalanced and more importantly unresponsive.

Also, making an open world game which is explorable at will and locking skill progression to main quest progression is awful.

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madmonkey011348d ago

a two year development cycle

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