The Last Guardian Sure Sounds Like a PS4 Game

Kotaku writes:

This shouldn't come as a surprise, really. But game creator Fumito Ueda mentioned The Last Guardian in this week's issue of Dengeki PlayStation. And from the sound of it, the game could be headed to the PS4.

Dengeki PlayStation polled numerous developers about, well, PlayStation. Questions included asking them what their most memorable title on the platform was. Ueda replied, "The Last Guardian, by which I mean all the hardships and the unforeseen amount of time required than what was originally thought."

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vishmarx1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

if i remember correctly ueda gave up on the project halfway and only recently returned to working on it.

and if the game is half as good as Sotc and ico, itll be well worth the wait
sotc is arguably one of the best games ive ever played

radler1350d ago

It's disappointing that Sony continued to fund Team ICO even though they haven't released a game since 2005, and yet dev studios such as Sony Liverpool and Zipper Interactive had a steady output of good games but were shut down.

Shuhei's overseeing of Sony's worldwide studios has a very heavy Japanese bias. He lets studios such as Team ICO and Polyphony Digital do as they please, but cracks down hard on their European and American studios, which is stupid.

I remember him shutting down a very talented team at Sony Santa Monica too (a lot of the people responsible for God of War 3 being so amazing) and firing all those people as well, but still Team ICO and company gets cash thrown at them for 9 years with nothing to show for it.

Meanwhile, he could have taken that money and used it to maybe secure Lightbox Interactive to put out a Warhawk sequel, or kept Sony Liverpool afloat so we actually had a decent racing game for PS4 by now but nope, gotta keep throwing money at the Japanese studios.

thekhurg1350d ago

For as awesome as the Playstation brand is, Sony does make a lot of bone-headed choices.

Thankfully there's still active talent making stuff, and hopefully their Japanese studios will get moving with this new generation.

Ultr1350d ago

Well team Ico is really small, so you should take that into consideration.
But yeah you have a point there

Eyeco1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )


It's a pretty long story.

The PS3's complicated architecture stalled development, as well as the jump to HD financially crippled smaller Japanese development houses, why do you think it took so long for GT5 to release, even Kazunori Yamauchi was pretty vocal about it.

Allot of Japanese dev's plain and simply weren't prepared for the 7th Generation. Also when you consider the shift of interest among japanese gamer's to handhelds and Idol games, something tells me Sony really didn't have too much faith in the project and as a result held back on funding.

But that was then, we have to look at now, SCEJ is making a comeback this generation, will we see TLG maybe, maybe not but we're guaranteed at least one major AAA game from SCEJ/Team Ico this generation.

joab7771350d ago

Didn't we already know it's a ps4 game?

KiRBY30001350d ago

we still dont. its not official.

UnHoly_One1350d ago

The only bad thing about SotC was that it didn't run that well on PS2. They SHOULD have waited and released it on PS3. (I know they eventually did a re-release, but I mean it should have been PS3 only)

Hopefully that is what is happening with Last Guardian.

Fishy Fingers1350d ago

There's nothing to gain by releasing it on the PS3. Pushing to the PS4 is win win. Best possible product that will help drive current gen system sales.

In all honesty I'd be disappointed if it ends up being a cross gen release. They should focus on the PS4 only.

Braid1350d ago

Souds more like vaporware to me.

guyman1350d ago

You be pretty deaf then

Braid1349d ago

I'm sorry but it fits perfectly to the definition of vaporware: you don't go on official record saying that you cancelled it, beat around the bush when you're asked about it, release no new info whatsoever untill people forget it even existed. It's supposed to be in development since 2007. It's been eight years since. Eight years. And people still speculate the game will see the light of the day some time in the future. I'm sorry but at this point, that's just wishful thinking.

It indeed IS vaporware. I can bet that if they have something up their sleeve, it's not TLG but a new project for PS4.

StrawberryDiesel4201350d ago

There is no way they won't follow through with this game. The bond between the boy and that beast has so much potential plus the initial gameplay trailer shown looked very promising. This will be an amazing game when it releases in 2017 I'm willing to bet.

GokuSolosAll1350d ago

My only desire to play this after such news is if it is cross-gen. I waited for a PS3 game that pushes the limits, not a PS4 game that hardly scratched the surface.

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