Watch Bungies CEO tell you that people like monotony in Destiny

In this interview with Bungie CEO Harold Ryan he gets asked some tough questions regarding the monotonous game-design of the title and the jigsaw-puzzle of a story. Ryan counters the questions by refering to the loot-cave as proof that some people actually enjoy doing the same thing over and over again. Bonus: He promises better storytelling and better mission-design for the DLC (the interview was recorded before its release). Something we now know to be lipservice.

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TimeSkipLuffy1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

lol... The journalist is really pushing him in a corner with his question. He has no chance but avoiding the questions with telling other stuff. All I hear is blablabla :D total failure...

They do the same thing because they want to level up faster. And why want they do that? Because there is probably nothing else to do then leveling up a digital weapon :D

Tiqila1313d ago

I think he is right about repetition not necessarily being bad. I have never played Destiny so I would not now how annoying or monotonous it really is. However, I love Diablo I-III and there is a lot of repetition in those games. It can be fun to grind a spot. Fishing is very repetitive too, still there are people who love doing it.

dumahim1313d ago

The only reason people repeat the same thing over and over again is because you have to in order to advance. Once you have what you need, you stop doing it. It's done because it's a chore, not because it is fun.

I fell for it. Thankfully I hit 30 a couple weeks ago and stepped away from the game to play something else. I tried the new stuff last night and gave up. I don't want work.

BattleTorn1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Dat grind.

Ya either love it, or hate it.

The question is why would you cater to those who hate it? If a grind is what you intend to provide.

joab7771313d ago

It's the crux of every mmo I have played, repetition. Other mmo's counter this with continued content patches, new and different ways to acquire things, and social tools. They also have a myriad of other activities.

It is true that that we love to chase the carrot. And we love to know that if we put in enough time, we will be stronger than everyone else.

rdgneoz31313d ago

Other MMOs also have a lot more content for you to level up with so it's not so much of a pain.

Mikefizzled1313d ago

Things like this and the fact they have a 10 year deal with Activision means I may not buy another Bungie game at this rate. Bought every game since Halo CE but after mediocre Destiny and the fact the sequel has already being confirmed I'm about to abandon ship.

Perjoss1313d ago

i think its ok for bungie fans to not buy bungie games anymore, arent some of the key team members not there anymore? not to mention you know, activision and stuff.

pompombrum1313d ago

Feel the same way, new bungie is a joke and while we don't know just how much influence Activision have, it seems pretty obvious that the deal is clearly toxic. If new bungie want to sell me on Destiny 2 or their next game, they had better really step up their game, fool me once blah blah blah.

realplayer821313d ago

Actually the missions in the dlc are really fun and more in depth than the vanilla missions. I wish they had done this with the regular game. Not bashing the game because I still play and enjoy it even got to level 31 this morning just making an observation.

Ascerendant1313d ago

How? They consist of 90% pre-existing environments, they're still "get to point A to fight of waves of enemies" cookie-cutter-designed, they're about an hour long and they use the same storytelling device - only with a female voice-over instead of Dinklage.

Mikelarry1313d ago

its the queen bounty all over again but this time we are getting charged

HiddenMission1313d ago

Bullshit...your full of shit! Only the starting points are places you saw and that's only from patrol can you run across these areas. Without the expansion you come across areas that you can tell had more to them but go nowhere and now it's clear that they are the starting points for the DLC areas.

It's stupid crap like the shit you're spewing that makes ignorant miss informed sheep of people who miss out on great experiences.

I'll just end up with a bubble down followed up with a comment ban or some other punishment for calling you out for this crap but guess's worth it.

TheRedButterfly1313d ago

Uh, bullshit. The majority of the locations had already been used a couple times throughout the campaign. There were 2 missions where you eventually saw new content, but for the most part, the only new content is the Raid.

And yes, Crota's End is a HUGE chunk of content. I spent all last night absolutely loving it... But the story? And the "improvements" that we were told would be there? ( ) Yeah, those were 100% MIA.

Once again, the Raid is the only worthwhile piece of content in the entire package.

I can only imagine how different the House of Wolves DLC is going to be. -_- /s

HiddenMission1313d ago

Full of shit you are and you expose yourself as not have actually playing the game at all...sheep you be...

Only the starting points are from the launch content all of the DLC missions are made up of 90% content that was not accessible unless you glitches an UNFINISHED AREA!

the hell is wrong with you people bunch of sheep!

TheRedButterfly1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )


Haven't played the game? Here's 5 minutes of Crota's End footage for you to chew on.

I think we all know which of us is the sheep and/or has the "hidden mission."

wsoutlaw871313d ago

I agree, i actually liked the missions. Who cares if the environments arent all brand new. What do some of you want these missions to be. I will say though that this dlc is stupidly over priced.

Ascerendant1313d ago

1/3 of the price of the original game. So I'd want at least a new planet or WAY more content if they get to recycle pre-existing environments.

wsoutlaw871313d ago

Ya the 20$ price tag is just insane.

SteamPowered1313d ago

My good friend is a Halo fanatic and I swear I could almost hear his expectations being crushed when we first fired up Destiny. About 3 hours in we stopped. And I don't think he ever went back.

kurruptor1313d ago

Is he wrong?

Everyone says the game is so boring, but millions of people are playing the game daily.

Either the game isn't boring or the game is boring and people like it.

So, haters.... which is it?

Dudebro901313d ago

People say call of duty is the worst game ever, and it sells over 10 million copies every year.

HeavenlySnipes1313d ago

The only reason I bought it was I had nothing else to play

As soon as Dragon Age came out I have barely touched Destiny at all.

If the Witcher 3 had come out like it was supposed to I probably wouldn't have even bought this game

Jdoki1313d ago


I'm not a hater. I still play destiny at least once a week.

The truth (for me) is that the game is not exactly boring - but it is repetitive.

It's a grind, and one that is almost pointless, except to get slightly fancier looking gear with slightly higher stats.

But I still play it and enjoy it.

If people don't like that repetition, then they are well justified to call the game boring. It's their opinion and it's not wrong - I would barely bother to raise a counter-argument, because I can see the flaws in this gaming model.

It's the same with Diablo and almost any MMORPG - they boil down to doing roughly the same action over and over for tiny incremental gains, and bragging rights for having rare stuff.

But if people are having fun in that repetitive / boring action - then good for them.

Lawboy21313d ago

I completely agre....spent tons of time in the game but there really isn't much toot....the game has so much potential it's not even runs extremely well just needs some more tender love and care

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