Take-Two is wrong about Australian retail ban; Target made the right call

MWEB GameZone writes: "Grand Theft Auto V publisher, Take-Two Interactive, has come down hard against the two Australian retailers that have pulled their hit game, Grand Theft Auto V from their store shelves. Their ire is understandable, but it's also perhaps a bit inappropriate."

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BigBosss1349d ago

It's BS and pure stupidity that both Target and K-Mart removing the game of their shelves!

lord zaid1349d ago

Why? Because they placed the opinions of their consumers above yours?

Target and Kmart did the only thing that made sense for their business. From their perspective it would have been too big of hassle to keep selling it. I promise you, if they were making money hand over fist on those games, they would have kept selling them.

HanCilliers1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Yes, it's their right to not sell it, even though I think it's a poor decision from them. It's a bad business call and a not a very intelligent moral/ethic one if I may dare say so. On the other hand, this is Australia we're talking about

lord zaid1349d ago

Bad business call how? It was the most intelligent business call they could have possibly made. If Target and Kmart had decided to keep selling GTA V what do they gain from it? Nothing but bad PR, because they would be seen as "supporting sexual violence against woman". By doing the opposite they show themselves to be supportive of a positive cause and showing sensitivity to a group with first hand knowledge of sexual violence. That great PR anyway you cut it. And the losses to them for doing this? Nuffem. These shops don't survive on video game sales. They could remove every game from their shelves and it would mean nothing to their bottomline.

And what about it was immoral or unethical?

HeartlessGamer1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

This gave me cancer