EA Sports UFC Legends Pack Now Available

Hardcore Gamer - Last week, the entire legends roster was revealed for EA Sports UFC. Now, the update has officially gone live.

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Clover9041261d ago

Free, like every fighter patch EA adds. EA's support for EA UFC has been nothing short of spectacular.

TheBrit1261d ago

oh because i had to pay for individual bruce lee fighters a few months ago so figured this would cost money also.

Clover9041261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Lol, this may make you a bit upset, but Bruce lee is unlocked after you beat the single player game, free of charge. Royce Gracie as well.

TheBrit1260d ago

oh no its fine i wanted them as soon as they were available and play the campaign sporadically so would take me a while to unlock :)

Absy4201261d ago

How do I get the pack? I just played against Rampage and that's how I found out about it.. How do I get it as it says theres no new updates and I don't see it on the ps store..

Clover9041261d ago

Update will start downloading when you start the game. Close the game out completely (home screen, options, close application), wait for the dowload to complete and start it up again.

RG_Dubz1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Undisputed 3 > EA Sports UFC

Already had all these guys in Undisputed 3, nothing to see here just adding some old fighters to EA's Arcade UFC fighting game, some of which should have been there since Day 1.