New Just Cause 2 Images

New images of Just Cause 2 has been released.

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jkhan3823d ago

The game looks stunning. Just look at the water effect. Its an open world game & it looks so good.

ry-guy3823d ago

Was the first game worthwhile picking up? I see it on sale still at Gamestop and the Metacritic views are varied...

jkhan3823d ago

It was alright, it was pretty fun when it came but it really doesn't hold up on its own compared to games today. There were some issues with the first one, but nothing game breaking. The xbox360 version was the best one to buy. If you like games where the hero can pull out a parachute while riding a bike then this game is for you.

NO_PUDding3823d ago

The 360 version was much better to buy.

But now it's multiplatform so wait for the inevitable but slowly subsiding amount of comparisons, to amke a decision. Damn hwo did they get these? They recently took out the screenshot section!

Fishy Fingers3823d ago

Love the explosion graphics, really nice. If maybe a little over used (chopper shooting the road).

jkhan3823d ago

Well this isn't coming out this year. Expect it around Summers next year & I am pretty sure there will be huge hype train before its launch;)

GiantEnemyCrab3823d ago

Everywhere I look it says Fall 2008. Has there been a delay? I have always been under the impression that it's coming out this year.

I loved the first and this one is looking great.

jkhan3823d ago

I doubt its coming this year, if it was and with those visuals we would have seen atleast a gameplay trailer or something & it isn't a low budget title. They developed the whole new avalanche engine for this game. Which according to them works well with both ps3 and 360.

TheHater3823d ago

Those are some might nice explosions.

Th3 Chr0nic3823d ago

wow i wasnt expecting to see that kind of detail. I only played the demo of the first game on PC and it wasnt horrible but not something i would throw down my money for unless it was super cheap used price. But this sequel looks promising so far.

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The story is too old to be commented.