Witcher 3 dev: "Market is afraid of badly polished games on next-gen"

Yesterday's announcement of a further delay to The Witcher 3 - to 19th May 2015 - cited "many details that need to be corrected" and rued how "we set the release date too hastily". It came from the Board of CD Projekt.

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nX1344d ago

Good call, they really deserve some respect for this decision. Hopefully it sells well to make up for all this development time.

camel_toad1344d ago

Another example of how CD Projekt always does right by the community. Sooo many sloppy launches this year so Im glad to see they dont have their head up their ass like say... ubisoft.

Pintheshadows1344d ago

Yeah, CD Projekt are a class act and have been for as long as I can remember.

They favour giving their fans a quality gaming experience which so many big publishers seemingly don't give a single hoot about these days. And they care that what they put out is as close to perfect as they can possibly get it.

It annoyed me the other day to see people badmouthing them because they 'lied' about not delaying the game again. In a game development world as it should be a release date should be something that is announced when the game goes gold. Not 12 months before when unforseen circumstances can derail everything. We need to start being patient as when we are not we get crap like Unity and BF4.

I applaud CD Projekt for this and I hope more devs take note and stop worrying about filling their shareholders pockets with yearly profits. In getting some trust back from the community in the long run you will also likely make more money in the long run.

Do you hear that Ubisoft? Finish your games!

ThunderPulse1344d ago

It looks great and I don't mind waiting.

Palitera1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

And that's exactly why I won't preorder The Witcher 3 after they said that they don't even guarantee it to run at 30 FPS on consoles.

TBH, that's less a "polished" problem than it is about bad choices of putting graphics so over decent performance to the point of, this early in the gen, not being able to run even at 30 FPS.

The game seems awesome and I still really hope they change their priorities until the release.

kingjosh18761344d ago

They wanted to create an advanced game and they started on pc, but the reality behind the new consoles is that they are weak and already outdated, so any games with decent graphics will be at 30 fps. Whether you like it or not, I believe that to be the truth. The new consoles are a minute jump from the last generation compared to prior advancements.

Palitera1343d ago

516MB memory to 8GB.
A minute jump?

But I agree that the difference between PC and consoles is already very big. It will get really problematic over the generation. Good that we have the exclusives to squeeze all the power from the consoles and build awesomely performing and great looking masterpieces.

And I'm not complaining about 30 FPS. I'm worried about not even 30 FPS... Now, THAT's a problem.

kingjosh18761343d ago

PS4 might have more RAM, but the cpu/gpu aren't much better than last gen. On graphics in games alone there isn't too huge a difference. The graphical difference between PS1->PS2 and PS2->PS3 is much bigger than the new generation.

CorndogBurglar1344d ago

"Market is afraid of badly polished games on Next-Gen"

Everyone SHOULD be! People didn't buy PS4's and Xbox One's to play games that don't feel next gen.

Gh05t1343d ago

I took this as more, "We are afraid of the market if we release an unpolished game."

That is just me reading in between the lines.

Blank1344d ago

Damn CD Projeckt Red definetly do keep an eye on the industry and the consumer outcry going on between us consumers. Reasons like this that is why I respect their delay sure im so antsy for it but this dev house actually gives a damn about their product and reputation.

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