The Shadow Sun Review: Hardcore Droid

Hardcore Droid: Mobile gaming is its own animal with its own unique set of challenges and perks. Unfortunately, much of its character is shaped by the cost-to-profit ratio that’s made mobile gaming a gold mine to some. The cost of entry is dirt cheap and the money aims to keep it that way, which is why mobile developers continue to develop bite-sized games delivered in bite-sized chunks. It’s also why you can’t ask how well an Android RPG holds up when compared to a cross-platform role-playing game like Skyrim that was built by a veritable army of developers. It follows that because we don’t have vast, resource-rich development houses like Bethesda working on Android RPGs, nothing on par with the Elder Scrolls franchise has yet reared its head. And yet a number of intrepid Android developers have opted to try and build 3D, open world role-playing games for mobile. Most of these titles fall under the umbrella of crapware and play like an undergraduate’s failed senior project, and yet, there are a couple of exceptions.

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