Square Enix: 'Our Partnership With Microsoft... Does Have A Duration'

Ever since Microsoft announced at Gamescom that Rise of the Tomb Raider is an Xbox exclusive for Holiday 2015, questions have swirled about what that means. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer later qualified the arrangement a bit, though the complexities of the deal are still unknown.

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kingtroy1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Good to know

Septic1348d ago

We knew this ages ago though.

-Foxtrot1348d ago

Obviously not everyone did since people were so determined to submit those old articles saying Microsoft is publishing the game...making out like it was a full time exclusive.

Look at the failed section

thekhurg1348d ago


Why did that Greenburg turd say they MS was publishing the game yesterday?

Septic1348d ago


"Why did that Greenburg turd say they MS was publishing the game yesterday?"

Because MS are publishing the game. Read the article:

"Yes, Microsoft will be publishing ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ on Xbox," a Square Enix representative told us via email.

thekhurg1348d ago


Fox's point was that people were submitting old articles talking about MS publishing the game, when that Greenburg guy said yesterday that they were.

Maybe I'm missing the point of his comment, but it felt like he was saying MS wasn't publishing, or that this news was unconfirmed.

To me, it seemed pretty clear who was publishing. The fact that MS hasn't come out to say it's lifetime exclusive is puzzling, but w/e - I've got Uncharted 4 during that timeframe.

Septic1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

MS are publishing the game but its a timed agreement. Long and short of it is, Tomb Raider will be available on other platforms in 2016.

"The fact that MS hasn't come out to say it's lifetime exclusive is puzzling"

It isn't a lifetime exclusive mate. Like I said, this is very old news. Phil Spencer came out the next day after the announcement to state exactly this.

bouzebbal1348d ago

is there anything new in here? no!
Greenberg is a moron, this just confirms it even more.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Basicly, the fanboys were hoping that ROTTR was going to be a Xbox exclusive and now we see evidence that it is nothing more than a timed exclusive that probably won't appear on Playstation platforms. All Square has done is limit themselves to Xbox platforms and everyone knows that Tomb Raider has always sold more copies on Playstation platforms. Once Square sees the disappointing sales numbers for ROTTR, they won't make deals like that with Microsoft again. Oh well. Bring on Uncharted 4.

nX1348d ago Show
Septic1348d ago


"I can't wait to see this game flop, even if it comes to other platforms I won't support these kind of deals. Maybe I'll pirate it just to annoy Squeenix a bit 😇

True gamer right there...

Cindy-rella1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

So the next tomb raider game will come to the ps4 probably sometime in 2016.

My guess is that theyd love to do the next tomb raider in 1080p 60fps but they wont be able to do that on the xbox one. Uncharted 4 will most likely be in 1080p 60fps while having the best graphics at its time of release and the devs for the next tomb raider will want to be able to make a product that rivals uncharted 4 technologically.

I dont think the xbox one will do 1080p @60fps for the next tomb raider and with a ps4 version coming later on, i think theyll make that version the best version they can on consoles. Im expecting better graphics, better resolution and fps for ps4 version due to the fact that the ps4 is more powerful and theyll have more time to polish that version

All guesses on my part which seems logical given the information and a few facts. Releasing a game thats already been released on another platform is going to be harder to sell so theyll have to entice ps4 gamers with better incentive to buy it. If the next tomb raider is in 1080p @60fps on ps4 with better graphics i feel like that will lure on more buyers. I also know 1080p @60fps will be hard to achieve so the chances are a bit low of that happening.

Army_of_Darkness1348d ago

It sucks that this is a timed exclusive on the xbone because I've been looking forward to it ever since the very well made recent tomb raider, but I'll live considering that uncharted 4 will release around the same time and I can always buy ROTTR later on.

Double Toasted1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

It'll probably be years before it shows up on another console besides Xbox, just like Mass Effect. But then again, ive seen mentioned, the Dead Rising 3 type of deal might mean no other console will get it and you'll need to invest in a PC...

Docknoss1348d ago

Same with Street Fighter

thekhurg1348d ago


I know Phil came out afterward to say it was timed, but now, that Greenburg character has stated they're publishing it.

The situation is different now. Sony has just bought Street Fighter 5 so I'm sure Microsoft wants to have Tomb Raider as a complete exclusive, and them publishing the game seems like a step in that direction.

That's the problem with them, they never clarify anything because they're always trying to confuse people.

Ezz20131348d ago

""Long and short of it is, Tomb Raider will be available on *other platforms* in 2016. ""

So it will come to ps4/ps3 too

Eonjay1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

So basically, we know exactly what we knew months ago and exactly what we knew months ago.

Actually this is IGN's fault. They purposely built this narative into their top story yesterday because the trolls were hungry.

Phil Spencer has been pretty honest though and I think I understand why. His job, as opposed to Arron's, is to build trust in the company as the face of Xbox. He understands that the best way to build trust is to be straightforward. Sometimes I think he works with Aaron as a foil to be the 'good cop'.

TheRedButterfly1348d ago

@ 1.1.15

-_- That's not it at all. It'll come to PC at a later point, but it's beyond foolish to think that a Microsoft published game is coming to PSAnything. This is good for Tomb Raider, good for Xbox gamers, and good for PC gamers. The only ones in the cold are the Sony/Nintendo loyalists.

TheBrit1348d ago

Maybe newcomers to the story didn't know this already.

WMANUW1348d ago


SFV is a permanent exclusive, Confirmed repeatedly. Then bring SF on Xone not worth much.
ROTTR is a temporal exclusive, MS publish it for the period of exclusivity '. Expired time will be the exclusive Sony and SE A deciding how to publish it yet.
SE wants to bring ROTTR on ps4,earn much.

Simple ...

LordMaim1348d ago

@Bloodborn: I have a console preference too, but that statement is just ignorant. Square Enix failing isn't good for anyone, and stealing the work of a developer only justifies their develoment of more intrusive copy protection and DRM systems. Which also doesn't help anyone.

nX1348d ago

^Square Enix did nothing but crap after they bought Square Soft, I have lost my sympathy for this company a looong time ago, even long before Final Fantasy 13. I'm not mad at them for this deal, they have done much worse things in the past - but I certainly don't wish them any success with such shady business tactics.

CYCLEGAMER1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Will you do the same to Capcom?? Do you want Capcom and SFV to fail as well?

On topic: What I think they mean is that the game will be timed for the xbox consoles for 6-8 months then ported over to the PC, just like Ryse and DR3, MS published those games as well. They are not mentioning the game is coming to PC, because they are trying to sell the game on their system. Their is no timed exclusivity deal with SFV, it will release on the ps4 and pc at the same time, which is why Sony is coming out and saying this but MS isn't, doing the same with ROTR.

Dlacy13g1348d ago

@MELMAN26 I am guessing the difference here was Sony's deal with Capcom called for the simultaneous release of the game on both PC and PS4, MS's deal with Square is timed exclusive to the Xbox platforms specifically and release elsewhere at a later time. Its just how the deals were made.

@Septic the one thing we didn't know before was that MS was actually the Publisher on this game. That tidbit wasn't known until Greenburg announced it, and I am certain they let that out in the face of the Streetfighter announcement.

jb2271348d ago

Yeah now we are stuck between Microsoft, who want to get their money's worth & truly get people to believe that they will only be able to play the game on their platform, & Square who don't want to upset their fanbase from other platforms any further & want to assure that people are ready to buy their game when it does hit those other platforms. Hopefully situations like these will put Square off of making these kinds of deals in the future.

nX1348d ago

"Will you do the same to Capcom?? Do you want Capcom and SFV to fail as well?"

Yes I do. Not as much as Squeenix because Capcom didn't disappoint me countless times like Square did, but I generally don't want to see multiplats go exclusive, it's just bad for gamers.

Kal0psia1348d ago

I think it's as simple as anything. Microsoft want's to publish a version of Rise of The Tomb Raider on the Xbox that is slightly different from other future version of it. Probably something similar to The Division and cloud computing based? Who knows, but that is the only thing you can think of otherwise what is the point, right?

I mean it's clear there full backing of development and market exclusive only for Xbox.

NatureOfLogic_1347d ago

Good news for PS4 owners. Hopefully we'll also get exclusive extras with the PS4 release also.

vishmarx1347d ago

Everyone did,
MS reps and fanboys just went a little nuts after the sfv announcement

phil should really do something to keep the idiot greenberg on a leash.he's the one who started this too, among many of his other stupid twitter endeavors.

its like whatever hil does to make MS look good is instantly countered by these half wits.i almost feel bad for the guy

lex-10201347d ago

But we didn't. Not necessarily. Square Enix published the first Tomb Raider reboot, so it was understood that they would be publishing the second one, but once Microsoft came out and said that they were publishing it it became a new question. Why would Microsoft publish a game on a Sony platform? The answer was they aren't. As part of the Exclusivity Microsoft is publishing the game on their own platform first. Then it will be published by Square Enix on other platforms afterwards.

People got confused when Microsoft said they would be publishing the game.

Wizard_King1347d ago

Square Enix says

"dirt cash I want you, dirty cash I need you oooohhhhh"

Money talks.

donthate1347d ago

Just like anything, if timed means 2-3 years then the game is irrelevant by the time it lands on other platforms. I think the sticking point is also that Tomb Raider is likely to be linked with Xbox brand from now on i.e. they get more content or favoritism.

JMyers1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

The only reason MS announced that they were publishing RTR was because of the backlash from SFV. This was to steal headlines that they too have a third party exclusive.

When the outcry came and the twitter battle started over full exclusivity, Greenberg said that they are publishing it... giving the impression that the deal with Square has changed somewhat.

Yes they are publishing the game... but this has a duration. Maybe something similar to Mass Effect but not as long. Spencer did say "the deal has a duration" at the time of annoouncement. He also reiterated that it was "For Holiday 2015, exclusive to MS". this stance hasn't changed.

This PR spin is ridiculous. They don't want to say how long the period is as people may hold back and wait for it on PS4. In other words not picking up an X1 to play it. The Marketing campaign may say something like "Exclusive this holiday to Xbox Only"...

Greenberg is known for this mind games. In my opinion PS4 development is currently on hold, with all efforts now on the Xbox versions. MS will then market and heavily promote the game as an Xbox exclusive in 2015... with the relevant bundles just like TitanFall. After this the PS4 development will start and PS4 owners gets the game in 2016. Maybe a lesser version though.

This way MS has something to compete with UC4, and Square doesn't have Lara go up aganist Drake, where both franchises eat into sales of each other. I in no way support this, but I'm just putting a business spin on this deal.

I hope they are both released on the same day, now that they are on seperate consoles.

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miyamoto1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

The PS4 has Japanese game makers on its shoulder so its not very hard to understand the backing its getting from prodigal publishers Capcom and Square Enix.
The Japanese developers and publishers thought that M$ money will solve their problems last gen. Instead they suffered a severe backlash from the Japanese gamers! Remember FF XIII? Japanese game industry's deals with Microsoft last generation did not go well instead it almost killed them. No wonder home console gaming there is in a sad sorry state.

Here is hoping Japan can recover quickly on its own feet, see the error of their ways and repent, eh Capcom and SquareEnix?
"your hope of playing Rise of the Tomb Raider on other systems lives on."

Its time for PaybackStation 4!

Lev19031348d ago

LOL. So the faillure of the of the japanese game industry is the fault of MS? A gameconsole who isnt even a top player in Japan single handly ruined the industry with their deals? That means the japanes industry was weak in the first place.

If they almost killed than is their own fault. If someone gives you a bag of money and you waste it then the problem lays with the person who wasted it not witg the guy who gave you the money.

miyamoto1347d ago


What is this elementary school?

Do we have to spoon feed everything to the likes of you guys about how the "westernization" of the Japanese gaming industry in terms of selling their souls in the name of M$ money, breaking their word of honor to Japanese gamers, aping shady and greedy business practices, aping western games to cater to the American market thereby losing their own Japanese originality and identity and leaving a sour taste on the Japanese gamers and not selling in the west , etc etc ..... has ruined it for everybody thanks to M$

Lev19031347d ago

I think you are contradicting yourself. You just gave me lots of reasons why the japanese developers solds their souls for money. If the Japanese developers screwed japenese gamers for money. Then Geuss what, thats on the Japanese developers not MS.

Dont try to put the faillure of the japanese indrusty on MS. Be a man and accept the faillures of the japanese industry.

CaptainSellers1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

@foxtrot, so true.

Now when SE reiterate its timed, suddenly this isn't news and everyone knew about it haha.

Septic1348d ago

Er what are you on about. People have been saying its timed for ages:

Magicite1348d ago

I loved previous Tomb Raider (might replay anytime soon again) and Im waiting for next with huge anticipation, but not in thousand years would I play it on X1. PC is the platform of choice or PS4 in worst case.

Lev19031348d ago

IS it because you dont have an XBOX?

1348d ago Replies(4)
N311V1348d ago

Yes it is. This is the fact first time it's been clearly stated that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be available on PS4. Previously statements by Microsoft have been ambiguous at best. People claiming this is old news have simply had their inference confirmed, until now it was not certain.

Illusive_Man1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

What did you get out of the quote?

Absolutely nothing.

Here's why.

Phil indicated other titles like Titanfall, Ryse, and especially DR3 have a duration, which could mean anything from 1 year to 10 years.

All three titles came to PC after a while but never came and don't look like they will ever appear on PS4.

You guys are reaching.

Let me know of a AAA Microsoft Published 3rd party title that appeared on a Sony console. Don't use Mass Effect because it took 5 years to come to PS3 and the IP was bought by EA.

Why won't MS give a straight answer:

1) They don't have too.
2) Gamers of late have become increasingly easy to anger
3) They have a contract with SE
4) They don't want people waiting around for a PC version not likely to come until much later
5) They've said enough already. Some choose to continue believing despite comments by Phil pretty much putting the writing on the wall:

- I wanted our own "Uncharted"
- Its a deal similar to Dead Rising 3
- We don't invest resources into games going to competing platforms

I honestly hope MS just straight up buys the IP and the Soul Reaver series if this does well on Xbox One and Xbox. I am sure they will strongly consider it as TR 2013 made 30% of all sales on XB1 despite having 2x smaller install base (at the time).

jb2271348d ago

I think you answered your own question in regards to exclusivity w/ Mass Effect, EA bought the ip…Square still owns the TR ip so they can take the game wherever they want when the deal runs out…I can't imagine the amount of money MS would've had to pay to keep that game exclusive for longer than 6 months to a year, but you can guarantee it'd be quite a bit more than whatever they'd have to pay Bioware for a brand new, unproven ip.

If this game was going to take so long to hit other platforms, don't you think MS would be shouting that from the rooftops? If the deal was anything longer than 6 months to a year, we would know about that. I wouldn't be surprised if Rise hits PS4 & PC in Summer 2016.

Not sure why anyone would want Microsoft to spend the kind of money it would take to buy the Tomb Raider ip over using that money to create actual new games. TR would hit the Xbox either way, if they own the ip or not, so you're actively saying you would rather have bragging rights than actual games.

Copenhagen1347d ago

Must be nice to just cherry pick things out that fit your narrative while having your head completely your @$$. TR has for the most part been known as a PS franchise going back 15 years plus. It sells better on PS consoles and indeed DID sell more on the PS4 than it did on the X1 with the last installment. I find it sad the xbox loyalists don't see the writing on the wall and the truth is the xbox experiment can't and won't go on forever and it's never been clearer than it is now that the future of xbox is in doubt but be honest MS is in the business of making money and the xbox brand won't ever be as big as the Playstation and it has a lot to do with gaming being a pet project for MS instead of a primary source of income from Sony hence the effort and finished product games and consoles reflect that..

ziggurcat1347d ago


"let me know of a AAA 3rd party title published my MS that went to PS, but don't use because that would prove me wrong."

and news flash:

MS doesn't own the TR IP, spencer has even stated that MS has no ownership over it, so... SE still owns the IP, which means that when this deal with MS is done/expired, it's most certainly going to be coming to playstation.

ziggurcat1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

* "... but don't use Mass Effect..."

edit: and another example - Bioshock.

thewhiteelephant1347d ago

Microsoft has no rights to the IP doesn't mean Microsoft doesn't own this particular game in the TR series

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DonFreezer1348d ago

Good to know? If Capcom went out and said that their Street Fighter deal with Sony had a duration you would all cry and scream cursing words about Capcom.

otherZinc1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

LMAO! You guys can have a play on words all you want.

Bottom Line:This title isn't coming to the PS4 or PS3, period!

This is how business works. And...most of you don't know business.

So stop.

ziggurcat1347d ago

well, i'll be sure to point out how you're wrong when it comes to PS (because it will).

and you don't know business, either, so... stop.

ZeroX98761347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

read the update #2 on the link. I think it's the answer you were searching for.

I played most of my tomb raider games on PC, so I'm happy to know the possibility of it being on my platform of choice is still there (same for PS4).


read the update in the link! SE said it has a duration. I think with all the confirmations we received, I'm taking it as a timed-exclusive.

fiveby91347d ago

I don't think you know that for a fact. I'd be willing to bet unless the deal is restructured, under the current terms it will be published (not by MS) for PS4 and PC after a brief period of exclusivity.

Muzikguy1347d ago

They'd be stupid IMO to even think otherwise. Guarantee that people aren't happy with this deal, and the game will probably not sell that well because of it. I want SE to start turning things around. I might as well just give up on that idea. I needs me sum JRPGs!!! (Good ones, with solid story and immersive graphics. Not 2D ones or action RPGs)

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rmw2hot871348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

this is old news they been said this months ago

DLConspiracy1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Actually I believe Phil Spencer may have said something on Twitter months ago. They are probably just being official about it so that it "comes from the horses mouth". So to speak. In other words straight from them.

rmw2hot871348d ago

SQ themselves confirmed the duration on the Rise Of The Tomb Raider FAQ blog in August

DLConspiracy1348d ago


OK cool. Its been awhile. I just remember reading or hearing about it.

BlackTar1871348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

There was literately an article on MOnday about the deal and everyone in the comments was like NOPE not coming to PS4 ever. Then it's confirmed and now it's everyone knew about it?

DLConspiracy1348d ago


I was one of the only people who never really believed it was a permanent exclusive. They said holiday exclusive back then. Then it was confirmed timed.

BlackTar1871348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Fair enough DL

I know labeling one as all on these things is kinda stupid. I just know that on Monday most of the comments were Xbox is publishing and quotes from Phil from them saying Phil wouldn't help fund a ps game etc etc as proof of the permanent exclusive to the Xbone.

Thanks for the response.

BTW i'm not the disagree you have on your response.

DLConspiracy1347d ago


Its all good man. I have a disagree fairy that follows me around these days. I don't mind. Haha

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Muzikguy1347d ago

Seeing this a lot lately. New news being reported on what's already been known. Sad hit seeking "journalists" :/

CaptainSellers1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

This brightens hope it will end up on PS4.

Phil confirmed it as timed, MS haven't been selling this as a full console exclusive and SE have been constantly dodging questions about whether it comes out on other platforms.

I'd say there is still a very high chance this will come to PS4.

u-bEttA-rUn1348d ago

I just read the article again and Microsoft said its like the deal they have with Dead Rising... So no ps4?

thanhgee1348d ago

Microsoft should really confirm that it will only ever be on the Xbox console. There really isn't any advantage in being ambiguous about which platform it actually goes on.

kranker1348d ago

Although there is still time for DR3 to end up on the ps4, not that i'd want to play it. After all Mass Effect 1 ended up on ps3 years after it released on the 360. See MS 'exclusives' are for the most part never actually exclusive.

poppinslops1348d ago

Mass Effect was developed by Bioware and published by Microsoft... If EA hadn't purchased Bioware, the series would have remained on PC and Xbox.

If Sony wants Tomb Raider they will likely have to publish it themselves, or buy Square Enix... Of course Square Enix could stop releasing flops, make some money and publish it themselves... But that seems unlikely.

So y'all better pray us Xboners buy the Hell out of it! The PC crowd are mostly pirates and Square Enix's 'money-makers' (Hitman, Kingdom Hearts, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy) are all a good way off...