Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Tips and Tricks - Assault Rifles

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Assault rifles have been the dominant force in Advanced Warfare. This has been thanks to these particular weapons having great damage and accuracy at various ranges, making them extremely reliable in most situations.

In our analysis of assault rifles, we will be taking an in-depth look at all six AR’s, giving you suggestions on what exactly you can do to get yourself more kills in your next multiplayer game."

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Zaphire1343d ago

Good tips for newbies to the new CoD :)

HanCilliers1343d ago

I can't wait to spec the Advanced Warfare comps, the faster gameplay is gonna make things very interesting

SonZeRo1343d ago

Same, can't wait to see how this years comps run, hopefully better than Ghosts

HoldenZA1342d ago

I think the comp side of AW is going to be great this year.

Special-Agent-Milo1343d ago

Only thing that pisses me off about this game is the shitty supply drops. I keep getting multiple copies of knee pads and HBRs. I just want the bloody Atlas Recon Shirt!

HoldenZA1342d ago

I agree that the supply drops can be super frustrating.
I wish they implemented a trading system among friends or even fellow clan members.