Dreaming of a Glacier White PS4 Christmas? Console just £349.99 with three AAA games at Argos

Dealspwn: "If you want a Glacier White PS4 this Christmas, it's worth checking out one of their special offers, which includes the limited edition white console bundle with GTA V, The Last of Us Remastered and Far Cry 4 for under £350."

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Blues Cowboy1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Sony coming back swinging after Black Friday! Reckon the PS experience will sell a few more of these.

Except to FF7 fans, not that I'm still slightly disgruntled or anything, nooo.

FuzzyPixels1348d ago

It was a genius move.

"Xbox is gaining momentum, what should we do? I know, let's throw ourselves a massive party to attract a bunch of attention just before Christmas!"

Well played, Sony. Well played.

JMyers1348d ago

I want a white one but I have these games already. I wish I can find a console only for £299.

JMyers1348d ago

After posting this message I saw this deal. Picked it up.

I now have 2 PS4s!!!!

RosweeSon1347d ago

Great deal but already got 2 of the 3 games and the console ;) White one would be good but just gets dirty, a funky flourescent green and I'm sold ;)