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David Jenkins for says: Beyond the visuals there’s nothing in the game, or at least the demo, that couldn’t have been done on a PlayStation 2. Nor is there any sign that developer Ready At Dawn were in the least bit interested in inventing anything new. We haven’t see any of the combat with the monsters yet, but it and the story are going to have to be out of their world to prevent this being a huge disappointment.

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Thatguy-3101194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Why does this game have to change the way we play? Why does this have to introduce something new to the tps genre? This game does what the majority of the third person shooters do so I don't see why it needs to be bestowed with genre changing expectations. As long as it does what it wants to do right then I really don't see why people would hate the game.

creeping judas1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Agreed, give me a fantastic story, fantastic graphics and fantastic setting, and you wont have to revolutionize the game play. From what I see, that is exactly what RAD is giving us.

Ezz20131193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

This is starting to piss me off greatly

Why the hell gaming media keep say about SOME of Sony exclusives "meh, not a game changer..where is innovative gameplay"

Why is it only Sony exclusives are always expected to bring new and innovative gameplay ?!
Also can someone explain to me
What in the blue hell does "Next-Gen gameplay" even mean ?!

I don't want to start a flamewar here
But so far not a single game on any system showed any new innovative Gameplay that we haven't seen in any game in the last 10 years

Get your damn act together, gaming media

Also some say The Order 1886 have the same gameplay as Gears of war (Like gears invented TPS)
and they call the gameplay crap after that
Does that mean you guys think Gears is a crap too ?!...why then are you waiting for the next gears ?!

I really hate this gen and it double standards

Letthewookiewin1193d ago

The only people saying negative things about it now are the ones who don't have PS4's. The game looks fantastic and looks really fun. I like to be immersed in incredible environments with great story. And what do ya know you get to shoot bad things with awesome weapons. But no, that's not good enough because next gen means we are supposed to be wearing video game suits that have jet packs and blah blah blah.

thanhgee1193d ago

Indie games is where all the innovative gameplay is at. Sadly, most Xbox players do not consider those games as 'real' games.

himdeel1193d ago

Sony exclusives are always expected to change the world and revolutionize games according to these nonsensical bloggers. These people arent journalist. Does the demo work, does it control well? What is the context for the demo? How is it different from the last build? Previews should answer these questions and shut the fuck up. People reviewing demo are $hit heads.

telekineticmantis1193d ago

What you just said is kind of becoming more and more apparent. When I compare the reaction the industry had with the reveal of Halo and Zelda vs the reveal of Uncharted, I can't help but notice the hypocrisy.

Halo brought nothing new to the table, copied a few things from Destiny, and all I could hear was positive feedback, the only negativity it received was whether it CHANGED AT ALL, not whether it CHANGED ENOUGH, Halo enthusiasts wanted less change, nobody had a problem with that.

Now we check Zelda, I've played enough Zelda to know, there was not much really new brought to that reveal, more like reintroducing elements. It's always been open, just moreso now, same enemies, and the same horseback mechanics we've seen in multiple games, same punch dummy enemy AI, the only thing relatively new is growing fruit, a feature we've seen in the Breath of Fire series.

Meanwhile Uncharted is getting flack for not having enough new elements, but more vertical sandbox stealth, new tools for platforming, and an actual reveal of a story twist, I thought it gave enough new things to be excited about, I felt the same way about Zelda, but the hypocrisy is obvious.

The Order on the other hand is not very impressive, watch the 45 minute gameplay, it was boring.

TheBrit1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

#telekeneticmantis Not sure what you mean by the halo comment.

How can Halo borrow a couple of things from destiny when Halo 1-4 has been around well before destiny was created?????

Agreed with The Order though. Next gen is SUPPOSED to bring new things to the table. If people want the same games just with prettier graphics then games will never change and get better / creative

Septic1193d ago


"Halo brought nothing new to the table, copied a few things from Destiny, and all I could hear was positive feedback,"

This has to be a joke post. Surely...

methegreatone1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

it doesn't have to change the way we play anything. No one really wants to have a complete change. Many authors will then say its too generic. The reason it feels generic is that there isn't anything to do at any given time except to move and shoot. Thats what makes it feel generic.

If it has nothing more than basic gunplay, and doesn't give you enough mechanics to play with at any one time, then the gameplay will come off as boring or meh or whatever. Thats just how it is.

Look at almost any third person game these days. You always have a good number of mechanics that you can use at any time. These interactions make you feel immersed in the gameworld.
Name any one. Splinter Cell - you have so much freedom of movement, tons of gadgets, stealth, etc etc... so many mechanics. Batman ? yep, same story. Uncharted ? Just Cause 2 ? GTA ? Yep, same story. Linear or non linear, you want the player to have fun or be immersed ? you need some complexity with gameplay mechanics or its going to be boring.

Metro 2033 is a good example of a linear game with a variety of mechanics that can make it a joy to play
( personally only on Hardcore mode, because below that it becomes more run and gun than survival, and it really shines at survival)

If this game makes you shoot, go to next point, hack, go to next point shoot, go to next point, QTE, go to next point... Then its missing out, and it might not even be as fun as most other third person games because a lot of them have so many gameplay mechanics for the player to play around with at any one time.

Let me put it this way. I enjoyed watching the demo they showed, largely due to incredible visuals. However, when I imagined myself playing it, I was disappointed.
I think of it this way - If I feel like I can only do one thing at any given time, the only reason being that that's what the game wants me to do, then it will feel incredibly artificial in that respect. The entire experience suffers, including the story btw. The story then has to be really good and carry the experience. I found myself waiting for the next cutscene simply because the shooting really did feel monotonous to watch.

Note that this was not at all the case when I watched gameplay something like The Last Of Us. See ? Look at other playstation exclusives, and you see whats wrong with the Orders gameplay. It doesn't need to change anything, but it needs to stop being so damn shallow !

Now, ofcourse, I haven't played the game. Everything is based on what we've seen from a demo. Perhaps in the final game they will add on gameplay mechanics gradually. However I think you'll agree that this is quite unlikely.

If I can do only one thing at one time, without access to any other mechanics, based on how the campaign wants to push me around, then the game will end up being a Third Person Call Of Duty in terms of gameplay.
Thats why Crysis, Metro 2033 and Last Light , Bioshock all have amazing gameplay while COD and BF campaigns aren't really that great.
Think about it - The former have a good number of gameplay mechanics that are nicely simulated. COD and BF on the other hand ? They feel so artificial.
Also, note that this destroys the story as well (BF campaign is a good example).
The implementation of plasmids and abilities in Bioshock only solidified the story and made everything more believable.

Yes, RAD are behind on the gameplay side of things. Sure they can just make a game that plays like any other TPS.

Thing is, just about every modern Third Person games I see has a huge variety of gameplay mechanics at any given time, and for good reason. The shallow spectacle stuff doesn't work anymore.

OB1Biker1193d ago

Because they need to give some reasons for hating. Either people say this game is too 'cinematic' or that its too 'generic'... whatever.

dirkdady1193d ago

Next generation gameplay - using your mind to control characters. /s

Knushwood Butt1193d ago

What is there in Mario Kart 8 that couldn't have been done on the Gamecube?

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Mechanism1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Can't stand David Jenkins.. Farcical 'journalism'.

To comment and say the period tone is not convincing.. Please show me one that does it better, David. His intro to this 'preview', just shows how much he has had preconceived hatred for it, half assed, full of agenda, and to be quite honest, sums up his said 'journalism'.

What I find funny is how he totes it as a GeOW clone so flippantly, repeatedly, and then just bashes it.. What does that say about Gears. Are no games that are linear good then? Why are many other third person games excused for having a cover system, and are not called Gears clones by him. Dave, GEARS WAS NOT THE FIRST GAME TO HAVE A COVER SYSTEM. He doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.

Ignorant Dave just wanted to hate it from the start.. A.I Could be done on a PS2? Pffft.

There were many instances where I thought the physics looked great in the kitchen scene. There was also no praise for the range of environments within that blimp, over the space of half an hr. What did he think about the music (score)? no mention..

When he mocks the gameplay for there being no gun physics when people get killed - If he'd done his research and watched other video's this bigot would have seen that there are physics of guns flying out of peoples hands once killed.

How dare he attempt to call this generic when he praises Halo 5 to high heaven, when if anything, it is looking like the most generic thing I have ever seen. First person shooter with jump dash, sprint etc etc.

Having a balanced opinion is one thing, but this guy is a joke.

wodan1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Beyond the visuals there’s nothing in the game, or at least the demo, that couldn’t have been done on a PlayStation 2.

you want to hate on this game and that is your excuse? what do we see in COD that could not be done on the PS2? or assassin greed? halo? uncharted? god of war? forza? or gears of war, the game that this author is so fond of nothing, this really one of the worst attempt to hate on a game i read in along time.

Spid3r61193d ago

Forza has Driveatars PS2 cant do that...Hell PS4 cant do that.

lefty1193d ago

As do most ps4 games, its all about the visuals, no substance or challenge, that's the PS4 way, and that's the way to win game of the year...probably already have a perfect 10 in reviews

WeAreLegion1193d ago

You do realize that Driveclub, inarguably the best looking console game ever made, has a 71 on Metacritic, correct?

There is plenty of substance to many PS4 games. What is wrong with you?

Ezz20131193d ago

Don't ever use logic with someone like @lefty

thanhgee1193d ago

I'm just curious, what major franchises has Microsoft built compared to Sony? Indie studios are the ones creating innovative gameplay and do you know where they are heading? To the PS4, because of Microsoft's stupid policy on indie games.

Inzo1193d ago

This made me laugh. Does your daddy know you are using his computer?

tlougotg1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Lol you mean Nintendo games with same characters and gameplay since the 90's and Xbox games too lol Foh you troll if anybody is doing innovation on consoles it sure is Sony. To name a few......

Lbp with its creativity, building and playing other ppls levels on console. Of course Spark soon followed.

Mag pushing the most ppl online on a console and great level designs

Uncharted 2 pushing tps and cinematic experience to New level

MOD nation also taking karting to New levels with create, publish, play ppls levels in karting

War hawk and Star hawks nuff said. Star hawks had ppl building during MP creating defenses, etccccc

Heavy Rain taking qte games on console to New levels

Man you guys are so full of crap it's unbelievable lol innovation in software has been Sony staple thts why thy support Indies. Journey and Demon Souks the way thy intertwined online was a first on console then ppl copied. Take tht no innovation talk to the biggest transgressors lol

At least they are evolving in graphics department in this game can't say the same for most of the competition who don't change the formula in any which way and use same art style from the 80s smfh

C_Ali881193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

You have to be the biggest raging fanboy I ever did meet, you continually say the same thing about the same games and given your name your bias is apparent. I for one think the game looks amazing but don't go on bashing other consoles because of personal opinion. All video game companies use similar tactics it really only boils down to whether you feel compelled to be "loyal" to one company over another.

You sound ignorant.

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bangoskank1193d ago

Looks like Gears of War gameplay- which I love. Add werewolves and a steam punk setting; day one buy for me.

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