Tekken 7 Has a New Character, People Aren’t Happy, Creator Responds Angrily

With the release of a new character for Tekken 7 that has fans upset, the creator has responded with distaste.

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neko2171343d ago

Why can't people just take the new character and enjoy it!? There always has to be something to complain about... I think she's great! Can't wait to play her! (Good thing I'm in Japan! :3

Tiqila1343d ago

people should be allowed to voice their opinion on anything they like. That developer shouldn't be offended and react like a little child.

SoapShoes1343d ago

Sure but there's a difference between saying you don't like something and complaining. Complaining is stupid, just don't play the character.

Aleithian1343d ago

Is a developer not entitled to his or her opinion as well? If you are entitled to call a developer's opinion childish - to criticize the quality of his opinion - isn't he, and aren't we, also entitled to criticize opinions?

SilentNegotiator1343d ago

Removing a character (assuming the removal comment wasn't a joke) because of some criticism on Neogaf and posting a salty retort about "skinheads" is incredibly childish.

Fonzy1343d ago

That is exactly my point! I'm glad he's listening, but yes, he didn't need to act like that.

Blacktric1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Neogaf users are just the goddamn worst anyway. I'm sure the guy will come back to his senses once SJWs stop sh*tting on the character and will end up re-adding her to the US roster.

Kumomeme1342d ago

developers are working hard to deliver stuff..while fans just know to play and critisized it

by calling developers are childish,remember,there also childish fans too

same goes with football,even coach and players are offended by fans critism

Cybermario1342d ago

"people should be allowed to voice their opinion on anything they like." following your logic the developer had the same right to voice his opinion, he was not acting like a child. He reacted to trolls in twiter as they deserved, to be treated like the entitled manchild they are.

Tiqila1342d ago

@those above
who say that the developer should also be allowed to voice his opinion, I would agree.

But there is an essential difference in him denying his fans a character only because he can't cope with criticism.

Thats what I call childish behaviour and on top of that it's unfair.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

I think he went a little too far with the "skinhead" comment though.

That's kind of saying that USA is a male chauvinist intolerant country, basically calling us racist jocks, like the US police force.

But it's not true at all, this is the country that invented emo and nirvana, it's almost as girly as Japan itself.

SilentNegotiator1342d ago

" developers are working hard to deliver stuff..while fans just know to play and critisized it "

Oh and, you for it.

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gamer78041343d ago

I totally agree. Except I'm in the USA. Now because of a few annoying dissenters on Gaf we won't get the character at all :(. I'll hold off buying the incomplete version unless the decision is reversed or added via free dlc

loganbdh1343d ago

Incomplete.... Wow the Internet needs to get there panties out of a bunch.

SilentNegotiator1343d ago

No, because of a ridiculous developer we won't get the character.

demonddel1343d ago

I know this might sound funny but the diehard stationplay crowd is some lil switches they complain about everything

Massacred1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

There's already a petition to get her back in the game, after the absolutely ridiculous neogaf forum that got her pulled from the NA release.

Get it together, people.

izumo_lee1343d ago

yeah there are like what 30+ characters in Tekken & stupid people find this one offensive? C'mon we got a bear, a wooden guy thing, an android pink haired girl, yet a girl in a cat suit people say doesn't fit in the Tekken universe. Really?

CocoWolfie1343d ago

do you remember the dinoasaur with boxing gloves?!

bloop1343d ago

It was the kangaroo that had boxing gloves. Don't think Gon (the dinosaur) had boxing gloves. Either way, both utterly ridiculous characters!!

Aquariusgamer1343d ago


I'm pretty sure tekken 2 or 3 had a boxing raptor in addition to the roo.

nightofthesun871343d ago

Yeah Alex. I think he was a raptor. Him and Roger are basically palette swaps, although they do have some differing move.

bloop1343d ago

Ah yes, I remember the raptor now. It's the little 2 foot orange guy I was thinking of. He was a total pain in the ass to fight.

HavokPants1342d ago

yes it's also in tag tournament 2

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medman1343d ago

The older I get, the less I understand people.

rainslacker1343d ago

All that quirky stuff is what made me love Tekken. Just good fun wrapped around a solid fighting game.

yewles11343d ago you're just going to western gamers a stereotype replacement because you're mad at one small group's reaction to your character? (THIS is the detail you should be reading into, guys)

This is why I can't take devs seriously anymore, letting consumers hamper their emotions so easily.

Harada, you're not Kamiya, stop trying to be a mini version of him.

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Kumomeme1342d ago

well,everyone had pride

Cybermario1342d ago

if you could take the time to check his twitter feed you should know he was being sarcastic and he was more than decent replying to fans for hours.

skydragoonity1343d ago

Harada should be bigger than this, ignore the cry babies and leave all the characters