Peter Moore and his family subjected to vile Twitter comments

Twitter user issues unprovoked and disgusting comments towards Peter Moore and his wife.

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Septic1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Pathetic. These keyboard warriors need to be tracked down and sorted out

radler1319d ago

Well on one hand making comments like that towards someone about their family etc. is obviously uncalled for. On the other hand however, Peter Moore is scum and it's hard to feel sorry for someone like him.

Septic1319d ago

Your mentality is exactly the kind of problem that exists. He's scum? Why? He deserves this?

Gaming247allday1319d ago

Yet if someone was talking about your family without you hiding behind anonymity, you would be crying like a b!tch

radler1319d ago

Oh wow, now I'm being harassed by a couple of keyboard warriors hiding behind anonymity?! I'm going to report you two to the FBI and internet twat police. You think you can get away with saying mean things to me? You people make me sick.

Septic1319d ago

Wtf are you on about?

bouzebbal1319d ago

Do you mind to elaborate some more on this?
The likes of the guy who threatened him deserve to be thrown in an asylum.
FIFA15 is garbage but i chose a more peaceful solution: I bought PES and i don't regret it.

mikeslemonade1319d ago

Peter Moore takes an adminstrative role. He has almost nothing to do with why the game sucks. Also soccer is lame. NBA and NFL are superior!

G20WLY1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Peter Moore is one of the people I like the least in gaming...but twitter insults and bringing family into it is just not right.

bouzebbal1319d ago

soccer? what's that?

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ScubbaSteve1319d ago

Just imagine if we had a news article for every time someone said something rude in a youtube comment.

FromTheAshes1319d ago

Maybe with enough nasty comments and threats he (EA) can give 2K a chance with the NFL license...Calm down...I kid, I kid.

DragoonsScaleLegends1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Yep there are lots of people out there who think these types of comments are funny and it's disturbing. I don't see why twitter doesn't ban their IP so they can't just make a second account without a proxy or vpn. Also twitter said his comments were not bad enough for him to get banned, are you kidding me? Also I understand people get pissed off sometimes but you should never go as far as threatening rape and murder. I mean I get pissed at people all the time on N4G but I never went as far as that but I did say the f bomb and that's how my cool five bubbles popped away...

meatysausage1319d ago

"Recieving violent threats from Xbox_Gamer 87"

Why do some people take games this seriously that they attack a CEO. What a knob

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