The Destiny DLC Debacle is Disappointing

JoshOnTech: I’m here today to talk about the current debacle going on in the gaming community concerning the first Destiny DLC, titled The Dark Below. In case you don’t know, after the release of The Dark Below, all players who don’t have the DLC are not able to play this weeks Nightfall strike or the Weekly Strike, as they are both set on one of the DLC strike missions. Also, Bungie seems to have removed the ability to earn engrams from completing the various strikes in the Vanguard playlist, instead they seem to have moved that ability to the special strike playlist which is comprised only of Dark Below strikes.

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1198d ago
UltraNova1198d ago

Are you suprised?

I think any gamer with the most basic knowledge on who Activision is could foresee this the moment they learned about Bungie collaborating them.

Funny thing is that they will still make that 500 mill they allegedly spent and then some no matter what bullshit they shove down the throats of those willing to pay.

Drithe1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

The new vanguard "something Mind or another" is fraking awesome. They just throw hundreds and hundreds of mobs at you and you have to kill them and eventually a boss with 3 sheilds that roams around the field. I cant wait to try it out on Nightfall.

There are a few problems with the game here and there, nothing is perfect. But it is to me, hands down, the best FPS ever made. It is awesome to beat a raid with peeps who have never won there and listen to their reaction.

It's greater than a superbowl touchdown. :)

End of line.

Link2DaFutcha1198d ago

Right there with ya Drithe. Haterz gon' hate.

BurntWolfAnkles1198d ago

Agreed, the raid is one of the best gaming experiences I have had as a gamer.

TheRedButterfly1198d ago

The raids? Yes. Destiny as a whole? No.

I don't think anyone is criticizing the Raids. Rather, they're criticizing the fact that the raids are the only /real/ (and/or unique) content in the entire game. Other than the raids, it's "Go here. Scan something. Fight bullet sponge. Go back to the tower. Dismantle for weapon parts."

XabiDaChosenOne1198d ago

Yea the raid was something special my first playthrough of it.

Perjoss1198d ago

I agree that its far from perfect and maybe not the dreadnaught some people were expecting, but in terms of graphics, gameplay, setting and soundtrack its fantastic.

I think it could use a serious kick in the arse in terms of Story, class variety and we need some solid characters in the campaign, the kind of characters that fans fall in love with and just want to talk about with friends and go off and draw tons of fan art about them. Kind of sad that the most well know characters are the Cryptarch and Xur, which are basically just vendors...

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OUROSMAG1198d ago

If you're still playing this game, yet REFUSE to buy DLC, then it seems you're just looking for a reason to complain.

I understand some people don't have the funds to shell out right away,but if you still have a healthy interest in Destiny up to this point, and can you're just complaining to complain.

The DLC has been available for purchase since the game released, people are acting like it jumped out at them last minute.

Dudebro901198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

I shouldn't have to purchase dlc to get a game in a state that it should of been when it launched.

Get over yourself.

OUROSMAG1198d ago Show
The_KELRaTH1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

I likely would buy the DLC bundle if I were charged much the same prices as USA but in UK it's more expensive than buying the full game and much the same as buying other AAA games.

TimeSkipLuffy1198d ago

There are probably gamers out there who recently bought the game and haven't been progressing that far yet to think about the DLC...

Link2DaFutcha1198d ago

Then they wouldn't be able to play these strikes anyway

Cid331198d ago

you do realize that they have locked out players from doing content they already have paid for, just so you have to buy the sorry excuse of an 20$ map-pack they call expansion. i bought the game 4 week ago and can finally do nightfall's and other weekly things only to see that they have taken that away. i cant do end game content i paid for when i bought the game for 50$ unless i buy the dlc,

Link2DaFutcha1198d ago

Having a great time with the DLC. Sucks that some people can't do the weekly this week, but it would be silly if they didn't include the DLC strikes in the rotation. They should totally have an option for those without the DLC, but I wouldn't call it a debacle. It's working great for those with it, and those without, well, sucks to suck.

TimeSkipLuffy1198d ago

That only shows they don't listen to gamers. They just do what they want or Activision told them to do maybe :'D

Link2DaFutcha1198d ago

If they listened to gamers the game would have been free, allowed them to make a steady income playing it, and come with a free copy of Kate Upton

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