Games that Defined the PlayStation Era

In celebration of PlayStation’s 20th anniversary we take a look at the games that shaped the Console’s history.

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SidebarTalk1197d ago

Holy crap, that takes me back. The original Gran Turismo was so innovative and amazing at the time, and I love how the series has evolved.

BOBN4G1197d ago

Right in the childhood!

Assassingamer1361197d ago

For me was exactly the list in the link except for need for speed, had no idea the series ran that long! I would add Spyro year of dragon, and ape escape.

problemchild841197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Yeah I remember playing the first Need for Speed on the Jaguar (I think) at Wal-Mart when it came out and was blown away. Ended up getting it for the PSX then, they used to have these awesome/bizarre secret tracks like a kids bedroom and one with a dinosaur that were really fun.

Edit: fixed typo

Assassingamer1361197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Wow the only legitimate racing games I played during the PSone era was Gran Turismo, Crash racing, and this game called RC Revenge which was cool at the time because in this game that was the first time I experienced create your own track levels lol which led to me loving Modnation racers last gen