Microsoft ‘Streetfighting’ with Sony?

Perhaps it all started with Microsoft’s announcement that ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ from developer Crystal Dynamics would be an Xbox Exclusive. Wait let me rephrase that “exclusive for the holidays 2015”. Xbox headman Phil Spencer wasn’t the most loved person at that time by many Tomb Raider fans and Square Enix became the devil incarnated for many.

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AngelicIceDiamond1315d ago

Both Square and Cap need the money.

And its clear Cap needs the money because all of Caps games have been exclusive so far.

They're literally relying on either Sony or MS to make their games happen.

Septic1314d ago

"They're literally relying on either Sony or MS to make their games happen."

Complete fiction. If you think Capcom are wolly reliant on funding from a third party company to make a another STREET FIGHTER game then you guys are absolutely deluded.


Same goes for TR.

I'm going to get a peptic ulcer at this rate. Enough internet for me for today.

thrust1314d ago

Street fighter was good in the snes days not anymore

FriedGoat1314d ago

Yoshinori Ono said capcom doesn't like to publish Street Fighter, they believe theres no money in it.

PoSTedUP1314d ago

capcom tweeted they couldnt fund SFV
capcom has been doing bad fiancially
games cost more money/resources this gen
capcom needed [sony]

no peptic ulcers or delusion on my end, only facts.
peptic ulcers can cause delusion btw.

Mechanism1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )


No, Street Fighter became bad when it became a PS4 console exclusive. Am I right? Huh, HUH?

Inception1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )


So you're saying you, a nobody, knew a lot of Capcom situation more than Yoshinori Ono who works for Capcom more than 16 years? ROTFL.

"Enough internet for me for today"

I agree mate, you should take a break from internet and drink your medicine asap. Don't forget what the doctors said that you're not working for capcom. So see you later mate. I hope you get healthy soon okay ^^

InTheLab1314d ago

"Enough internet for me for today."

I second that. Take a break....

There's something called the bottom line and ROI. You can't assume it costs nothing to make SF and you can't assume the money made off previous titles will hold them over forever.

Companies need to make money. The fact that you disagree with this idea doesn't make it any less true.

Why do you think Ubi pumps out an Assissin's game annually? Without some big hit to bring in funds, the money from MS and Sony is a safety net so MS or Sony assumes all of the risk....which assures the future of both Square and Capcom...

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rmw2hot871314d ago

If u read the ROTR article on eurogamer yesterday microsoft compares the rise of the tomb raider deal to its recent deals with Capcom for Dead Rising 3 and Harmonix for Dance Central. If thats the case playstation fans better not be shocked if ROTR never appears on there system because it sounds like its only gonna b on xbox1, 360, and later on pc

thanhgee1314d ago

The way they are wording it doesn't 100% clarify whether or not it will be on the PS4. Yes, they're deals are similar to the recent deals with DR3 but it is not the same hence the word 'similar'. One thing is clear though, and that is they're not saying it is only going to be on the Xbox console ONLY. There is no advantage for being ambiguous on what consoles tomb raider will be available on in the future. If it is only on the Xbox they should have announced it ages ago, it gives people an incentive to purchase the XB1 over the PS4.

SideNote1314d ago

Its not coming on Ps4, Id bet sonys savings on that.

LeCreuset1314d ago


Way to completely ignore a valid point to counter the argument with your gut feeling.

Hoffmann1314d ago

Sqare-Enix losses..not mine.

But be honest..I did not buy a Tomb Raider game since Underworld and am hardly caring for them anymore.

DeadManMMX1314d ago

Then you missed out because the last one was fantastic and brought so e new nice gameplay to the table. If you boiled uncharted 3 vs tomb raider down to gameplay Tomb Raider was a better game overall. Fantastic puzzles and combat large and open world to explore. You actually upgrade the character with skills that help you reach new areas. The two games are on parallels. I mean obviously Uncharted was borrowing from tomb raider when it was created this time tomb raider borrowed from Uncharted and expanded upon it. To compare them directly tomb raider is large open levels that you can backtrack and rediscover Uncharted is linear plot driven with wonderful set pieces (burning house, sinking ship, plane).

thanhgee1314d ago


The puzzles were horrible compared to their older games, nowhere as near challenging at all. And don't you think Tomb raider copied Uncharted too? Isn't it obvious?

DeadManMMX1314d ago

@ than gee Just curious, do you mean hunting for switches and pushing rocks in the original tomb raiders? because no I'll take the new one any day. Also did you read the entire sentence? It clearly says that they borrowed from each other? The puzzles don't need to be super challenging both are action games trying to keep a pace. They don't want you stuck on one puzzle for a week. You want that go play silent hill and turn the difficulty up for some of the most obscure puzzles in gaming.

Bigpappy1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Who ever wrote this article must be 1 or 2 years old. The think the 3rd party exclusive stuff is new, LOL. SF hasn't been a big seller in many years but did ok with online on 360 and PS3. We shall see if the exclusivity hype helps it to pull in some meaningful sales.

At the point, the deal is being sold as much bigger than it is in reality. SF doesn't attract as many as it used to. Going to take a major overhaul to do that.

kayoss1314d ago

Yes Microsoft help fund Tomb raider but Square Enix owns the property. At the end of the day, if Microsoft and SE agree upon a contract and that contract is fulfilled. SE can release the game on what ever console it wishes. But if Microsoft feel that Tomb Raider is worth being an xbox Exclusive, i think they will cough up more cash to make sure it becomes exclusive.

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chrissx1314d ago

Well sony won this 'streetfight' as sfv is gonna be exclusive to their console

SideNote1314d ago

As is Rise of the Tomb Raider on xbox one. Published by Microsoft. Really weird that the news fir this isn't on N4G yet..wonder why???

ninsigma1314d ago

Except there has been an article on here just today that reported that Square enix have said it has a duration. Therefore not wholly exclusive forever.

marlinfan101314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Ya itll most likely come to pc, but its looking like its a console exclusive. How often do you see games published by MS end up on ps?


I figured thats what happened. I saw a article about it the other day then 5 min later it was removed from the homepage and I wasnt able to find it again

yarbie10001314d ago

They've banned 15 articles about it even though every major publication is covering it because Microsoft put out a statement saying that TR is just like Dead Rising and Dance Central.

The salty N4G kids are flagging everyone instantly as's kinda funny...and sad

LeCreuset1314d ago

So show us where MS said anything beyond it being an Xbox exclusive with the "holiday 2015" qualifier following it. Show us where it said it would never come to another console, as Sony and Capcom did as soon as the SF deal was announced.

Come on. Do you think these companies are that stupid? They're going to risk TR fans holding out for a PS version, risk those fans buying it later at a discounted price instead of the full new game price, and risk those fans getting their hands on Uncharted, in the meantime, and forgetting about Tomb Raider? Come on people. Use your heads. Maybe they'll permanently lock it down, later, but if it already were, they would tell you instead of leaving you to speculate.

marlinfan101314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Theyve said its a exclusive that has a duration, why say more? Why let people know how long theyll have to wait or what other platforms it may come to? As you said, theyre not stupid. If the game turns out to be awesome they want it to be incentive to pick up a xbox, not know "oh its coming to pc in a few months ill wait" for all we know it could be years, and some might not want to wait. That tied in with all the other big games coming next year will be a great reason to pick one up

As I asked in my other comment, how often to games published by MS end up on ps? Its much more likely to release on pc some time later.

LeCreuset1314d ago


Mass Effect immediately comes to mind. There's a difference between MS being the publisher of a game on MS platforms and MS being the EXCLUSIVE publisher of a game. I wouldn't expect MS to be the publisher of a PS TR release.

"Theyve said its a exclusive that has a duration, why say more? Why let people know how long theyll have to wait or what other platforms it may come to?"

That's my point. If it's a console exclusive, like you and others have speculated, why not just say as much, as Sony and Capcom did? As we both recognize, that would be an incentive for TR fans to pick up an Xbox. That's the whole point of buying exclusivity, to market it as an incentive for buying your system. Do you think MS is just going to buy permanent console exclusivity and then remain hush on that point, leaving people to speculate instead of providing a clear incentive to make the jump to an Xbox?

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kayoss1314d ago

Square Enix will be stupid if they made tomb raider exclusive. If you think about it, Tomb Raider is not popular in Japan. Xbox one is not that big in Japan.
If they were to made it exclusive, they will be losing out on potential PS4 owners in Europe and United states. I dont think SE will put the success of Tomb Raider soley on the United states alone.
If you look at Tomb Raider definite edtion, It sold 2x more on the PS4 than the Xbox one. This just show that SE will be losing out on a lot.

Agent_hitman1314d ago

I call it Sparing session!

Cherchez La Ghost1314d ago

First.., it was about exclusives, now it's about multiplatforms turning onto one system.This situation is about to get real ugly. MS & Sony are now going to start cutting checks for 3rd-Party games. And if you think at the end of the day companies are going to refuse money and say "we want this game on all platforms possible" you're delusional.

This "pissing contest" is about to get real.

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