Factory defective legless Peach amiibo sold for $25,100 on eBay

That factory defect legless Peach amiibo isn't for peasants. It was just sold on eBay for an unbelievable $25,100. That's a lot of coins!

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ScubbaSteve1104d ago

I understand the Samus one, cuz you know 2 guns are better than 1. But seeing one without legs just makes me think the toy is broken.

nX1104d ago

I should buy a few of these, remove some arms and legs and at least get a good profit out of them... this world is filled with stupid people.

user55757081103d ago

people are so dumb paying insane prices for factory defects. its not like it does anything special other than not stand up cause it has no legs

Magicite1104d ago

there are 2 types of crazy people - the poor ones and the rich ones..

Metallox1104d ago

Does than mean that the invisible Link amiibo will sell for 250000 dollars?

Heyxyz1104d ago

At $250000 you'd be practically giving it away!!

AJBACK2FRAG1103d ago

Things that are created to be collectable aren't.

rajman1104d ago

Obviously fake bids, just like the 20th Anniversary PS4 that sold for $20k and the winner has yet to pay for it lol

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The story is too old to be commented.