Street Fighter V’s cross-platform competitive play. Hadouken to PC or PS4 players?

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Street Fighter V’s cross-platform play will pit PC gamers against PS4 owners when it is released.

PC gamers will likely dominate the leaderboards and show the world once and for all that they are more skilled than console gamers, all while Xbox One owners sit on the sidelines.

Here are both sides of the argument."

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HanCilliers1230d ago

I agree that PC comp players are generally superior, BUT when it comes to Street Fighter PS4 players might have the upper hand.

Sillicur1230d ago

Maybe the PS4 players could be on top for the first few months, but how long will they last i wonder.

I still think PC players will dominate from the start :)

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

The only way PC players will dominate street fighter 5 is if they use mods to cheat and that's probably what will end up happening.

bouzebbal1230d ago

PC gamers superior at SF? This needs to be proven! These games don't sell well on PC, i don't believe the fanbase is huge on PC.
i'm excited over the cross play, i hope it becomes a standard one day.

GoBySanchez1230d ago

The dichotomy is really not applicable. I don't think anyone with an informed opinion actually thinks PC gamers are better at every single video game genre... the platform doesn't make the difference. The comparison is really only valid in RTS and FPS games where the keyboard and mouse offers a much wider and more precise range of control in this case. The best fighting game players in the world will play on whatever is the tournament standard and I doubt there will be a correlation in skill and platform otherwise.

TFJWM1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

While I agree the best players will play on the standard its really what the mid range players will be on. As a PC and console gamer I know of no one who has people come over to play fighting games in front of their PC. On a console thou I've been to many friends houses where people bring their joysticks to the party to play on the big screen.

hkgamer1230d ago

lets just admit that its equal between 2 platforms. choice of controls will be the same and locked 60fps will be ideal. unless there is input lag then its upto players skill.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Wonder if Macro's can map all the move lists in training mode so we just press one button for a 10 hit combo while consolers have to press 10 different actions?

RyanShutup1230d ago

All the Japanese players will be on PS4s so by default PS4 will win. The few matches I got with Japanese players in SF2 or SF4 I got wreeeeecked...

Tzuno1230d ago

Yeah right, I play on Pc with Xbox 360 joystick, and is a better experience than console.

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CongoKyle1230d ago

Most people who play on PC use Xbox 360 controllers. Basically playing on and Xbox 360 vs. PS4.

Sillicur1230d ago

Yeh that is true, although not all most do anyway from my experience.

That would for me mean the PC players will crush the PS4 players!

bouzebbal1230d ago

and we all know how much 360 Dpad sucks at these games. only 2D pros will understand.

brich2331230d ago

PC users will be able to use PS4 controllers and Xbox one also. so... D pad is not an issue.

BlissSeeker1230d ago

They were talking about 360 controllers...

brich2331230d ago

who cares! im talking about superior controllers!!

SteamPowered1230d ago

For fighters I go with the X1 pad. I never would have beat Shao Khan without the better D pad.

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jhoward5851230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I would have more fun playing againint a PC gamers than PS4 gamers. Just b/c its a PC player I'm playing against makes me even more eager to fight them.

Sillicur1230d ago

Your a PS4 gamer i assume? Well thats good to hear sir/madam! Great to see people eager to fight each other in Street Fighter V and be highly competitive.

jhoward5851230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

LOL. I'm prety good at playing street fighter. I can even play with one hand behind my back( with an arcade joystick) I rarely lose a fight in SF but I have done battle against vet SF players and got my butt whipped before. This player was the 3rd best SF player in the world, and I couldn't touch him no matter what.

I'd love to take a crack at it again to see if I still got it.

I own a ps4 so as soon as they come out with SF4 or 5 i'll look for you.

remixx1161230d ago


Bro I gotta play you.

Dante811230d ago

This is a win-win for Sony. How many PC players will end up purchasing DS4s for this game? I've already picked up a white one for PC as the MS pads have inferior dpads.

Sillicur1230d ago

Definately a complete win-win for Sony here. Im sad that Xbox One players cant join in the fight :(

Im not sure if PC players would purchase DS4, but maybe they will! Interesting comment kind sir!

KwietStorm1230d ago

Wasn't even aware the fighting game community was significant enough on PC to be discussing this. I guess the general crowd could go either way, but all the top fighting gamers all play on console. Why does any of this matter is the real question.

HanCilliers1230d ago

I think it's bigger than we think, and SFV might expand the community.

SteamPowered1230d ago

Pc gaming is huge guy. Look up Steam Subscribers and you will see just how big Pc gaming really is.
And that's just on Steam.

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