How ‘Street Fighter 5’ proves that console exclusives are dumb

This opinion piece discusses the Street Fighter 5 exclusivity deal with Playstation and how this deal will affect gamers on Xbox platforms.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

From the article,

"The company doesn’t seem to gain anything from splitting its consumer base down the middle considering that, not only are previous Street Fighter games available on Xbox consoles, but they are, as far as I’m aware, more popular on Xbox consoles. The best reason I can think of for this move is that making the game a PS4 exclusive would grant Capcom some kind of bonus payment from Sony. Capcom gets the money, Sony gets an exclusive and everyone’s happy except the fans, who’ve lost another great title to the ever-growing “exclusivity war” being waged by Microsoft and Sony."

Street Fighter 4 sold 3.3 million copies on both the PS3 and Xbox 360, with reiterations of the game adding to approximately 5 million copies to it's lifetime sales numbers.

I have only found Vgchartz to use as a source for PS3/360 sales numbers:

According to VGchartz
PS3 version of SF4 sold 1.93 million copies
360 version sold 1.72 million

So if these numbers are to be believed, SF4 actually sold more on the PS3.

It's fair to say that the only people who will miss out on SF5 are those who don't have a Playstation 4, those who haven't upgraded from ps3/360, and those who only have an Xbox One. There are approximately 16 million gamers of the PS4 and approximately 8 million on the Xbox One. Does anyone actually believe that a Street Fighter game running at 1080p and 60fps on the PS4 won't sell at least 3 million copies on it's own? For those of you who haven't seen how a game built for the PS4 runs at 30fps to 60fps with the lighting and particle effects in action (Infamous, DriveClub, TLOU Remastered) then you have no idea what you're missing, but those of us who have seen the PS4 running these types of games know that a SF5 built only for the Playstation 4 won't suffer downgrades and be held back because of ridiculous ideas like "console parity."

Massacred1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I've been giving this a bit of thought and if you really think about it, I believe this may be the most significant Gaming related thing that PlayStation has done this generation. (well aside from E3 2013)

Consider the fighting game community. While not as big as the something like the FPS community, it has an incredibly dedicated fanbase and brings in people who will typically play for years and years. These are exactly the type of people you want on your console, people who will be constantly using it.

By getting Street Fighter V as a console exclusive, Sony has essentially ensured the entire current generation fighting game community will be gaming on PlayStation. Not only have the ensured that this game will sell on their console only, they have also ensured a constant revenue stream of people who will pay for PS+ and hundreds on pieces of content but most importantly, they have ensured that all mutiplat fighting games for the rest of the generation will always sell better on PlayStation, mark my words, Every. Single. One. Effectively about 2 million people will likely buy a PS4 simply over this title and Sony has essentially gauraenteed them to be customers for the rest of the generation.

What this comes down to, is that I would argue that this might be the single most important maneuver made this generation so far, even more than something like TitanFall being exclusive to Xbox and PC.

insomnium21199d ago

So NOW console exclusiveness is dumb? I like the timing....

breakpad1199d ago

the only dumb here is this author of this article...because has no clue about gaming

Akuma2K1199d ago


Yea, excuses coming out of the woodworks

morganfell1199d ago

The article says that competition between companies is usually a good thing. Usually, but not always. And in this case competition would serve no purpose except to detract from the overall product.

This writer is one of those persons that believes the great lie of consumerism that competition always benefits the consumer. This time worn axiom has been stated so many times that many people don their sheep uniform and buy it hook, line, and sinker without ever bothering to question the tenet in practice.

ZombieKiller1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

"What this comes down to, is that I would argue that this might be the single most important maneuver made this generation so far, even more than something like TitanFall being exclusive to Xbox and PC."

-I couldn't agree more. ESPECIALLY because Haduken itself is more popular than the TitanFall name. Sony really added a nail to the coffin with this move. Not to mention now we don't have to worry about Microsofts lust for TV killing the resolution of MY game with console parity.
Not to mention, I'm just happy to see Capcom make a little bit of sense again and secondly, for them to treat the PS fans better than the competition. The PS4 keeps getting better with age.

LeCreuset1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )


Funny, isn't it? I didn't see any of these articles, over a year ago, when Xbox announced Titanfall, Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, and Dead Rising 3 as exclusives, before the system even released.

miyamoto1199d ago

I do hope that Sony tame Capcom this time and make em realize not to screw PlayStation again with their ungratefulness. Resident Evil 4, Dino Crisis 3, Monster Hunter 4, are all examples of how ungrateful Capcom is to the PlayStation brand. Having suffered many loses as a result they still haven"t learned that gamers wan"t their games on PlayStation.
Hope Sony will teach them to behave properly this time.

Phoenix761199d ago

I'm sure the author of this opinion piece was one of the many people who had no problem about mass effect 1 being locked to a certain console for many years!
Besides, console exclusives have been around since consoles were first created.

After mention, heard Ralph Baer passed away few days ago. R.I.P. to the godfather of home game consoles.

medman1199d ago

I agree with you. It's also done something's gotten me to think about getting back into the fighting game arena. I used to love Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat back in the day, but I haven't played a title in those franchises since the late 90's. I'm actually considering buying Street Fighter 4 along with a new fighting stick when it launches. The announcement has certainly re-energized me about the fighting game genre.

gangsta_red1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Yea, I didn't see these articles when Sony money hatted No Man's Sky, Bloodborne and when Destiny DLC was announced...or even when MS announced Tomb Raider...oh wait...that's right, N4G and the media had a massive meltdown when Tomb Raider was announced as an exclusive. In fact that was the only thing that was focused from that event.

But No Man's Sky and Bloodborne was okay because those are new IP's as the Sony camp told us...
so why now are some of you bringing up Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive and Ryse which are New IP's. Shouldn't those also be okay for MS to money hat?

Also, sony fans said Tomb Raider should not be an exclusive because it started out on the PlayStation so "technically" there's more fans on PlayStation...
weeeeelllll Deadrising started out on Xbox 360 so "technically" there's more fans on Xbox, so why should we bring up Deadrising 3 now? Shouldn't that be okay for MS to money hat?

I love it, now that Sony secures an important IP, NOW everyone has a problem with these type of articles. No one had any problem when MS was getting crucified for the Tomb Raider deal. Everyone got out their pitchforks and molotov cocktails for that debacle, approved and agreed with every "MS is killing the industry" article for this site.

It was Ferguson in the streets of N4G, but as usual, Sony does it and it's a call for peace, media is biased, the author is dumb, clickbait, MS did it so we can to do it too, let's look at VGCHARTZ, (VGCHARTZ LMAO)!

Now we get to use VGCHARTZ!?! Absolute hilarious.

LeCreuset1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

"I didn't see these articles when Sony money hatted No Man's Sky"

No Man's Sky? Is that one of those indies the Xbox community suddenly doesn't want, which has given rise to the "Indiestation" joke? Seriously? An indie which has a hard enough time getting onto one console at a time, let alone going multiplat? I don't think you want to go there. 360 started with the indies. Xbox would still have a strong presence in that area if not for their stupid parity policies that indies have been complaining about. But that's okay, we're not supposed to talk about or remember Xbox policies.

"NOW everyone has a problem with these type of articles."

The problem is these types of articles didn't exist when MS was relying heavily on 3rd parties from the outset of this gen, including the Dead Rising deal which—hate to burst your TR/SF5 false equivalency bubble—is the closest to the SF5 deal, not TR. TR got a lot of noise because the Square pissed off the overwhelming majority of the fans that supported the franchise on PS4 AND PC (which you guys always neglect to mention when falsely trying to cry hypocrisy).

If SF5 proves console exclusives are dumb, where were the articles when Dead Rising was announced as an Xbox exclusive over a year ago? You get a bunch of articles acting like this is the start of a 3rd party exclusive war. Where were they when Xbox went almost an entire year with a majority of 3rd party exclusives and Forza serving as their AAA retail lineup? So please spare me the false equivalency crap, because that's exactly what it is. And don't come trying to play Johnny-come-lately after having no problem with the Dead Rising deal or the fact that Xbox has been relying on 3rd parties for their AAA lineup, while PS4 and Wii U have not. And I know you don't want to start complaining about the practice of timed dlc. Again, another Johnny-come-lately gripe. You should have complained back when GTAIV launched. Maybe that money could have gone toward some first party titles so the Xbox didn't have to lean so heavily on 3rd parties for exclusives.

Update: I have to say this. The only reason some of you suddenly give a crap about No Man's Sky is it looks like a selling point for PS4, otherwise you'd crap on it like you do most of the other indies, because it's all about scoring points over the other side for you. That's exactly why we're here now. A bunch of trolls, chomping at the bit to get revenge, after Square and MS screwed over the largest demographic of TR fans and those fans had the audacity to complain, jumped the gun before any official announcement looking for anything to compare to the TR deal, so they could even the score. That's why you don't mind if MS sinks money into buying a franchise, just because the next title was threatening to go multiplat, even though you would have got it either way. It's all about moving goalposts and scoring points. Some people don't understand why GAMERS were upset about TR, because they're more interested in being cheerleaders waiting for the chance to cheer when their team puts some points up on the board.

gangsta_red1199d ago


“Is that one of those indies the Xbox community suddenly doesn't want”

Yes it’s one of those indies the Sony community all of a sudden loves.

“An indie which has a hard enough time getting onto one console at a time, let alone going multiplat?”

Really, you think so, please provide a link because I have read multiple articles of Phil wanting and meeting with the Joe Danger guys about their game and even offered help when their studio got flooded. But Sony was quick with their check book and scooped the game up. And NO OUTRAGE was met.

“But that's okay, we're not supposed to talk about or remember Xbox policies.”

Just like how you don’t remember or talk about any of the past flack and outrage MS received for “money hatting” Titanfall and Tomb Raider, but let’s only focus and compare DR3…because it’s convenient for your argument. Hilarious.

“The problem is these types of articles didn't exist when MS was relying heavily on 3rd parties…”

And I’m telling you it did when it came to buying exclusive rights to a multiplatform established game. Did you not see the articles for Tomb Raider? Of course not or we wouldn’t be talking about this…did you not see the excuses that were made as to why Tomb Raider shouldn’t be exclusive to Xbox, it was because it started out as a Sony game, and there’s more fans on Playstation (supposedly).
Well how come we can’t apply that same lame excuse the sony camp used for TR to Deadrising 3?

“TR got a lot of noise because the Square pissed off the overwhelming majority of the fans that supported the franchise on PS4 AND PC”

And Capcom made all the “overwhelming majority” of Xbox owners who supported SF4 on 360 smile and jump for joy with the announcement of SF5 on PS4? Funny I just mentioned the excuses made for Tomb Raider and you just provided one of the best ones to date. You don’t think this is making the same noise because a lot of people are pissed off too?

I love these hilarious excuses you are making up trying to justify Sony’s money hatting of this IP. Trying desperately hard to narrow or dismiss the argument and say don’t compare TR or anything else, JUST compare Deadrising 3. Especially when I have already given you the logic the sony camp gave for other existing IP’s that originally appeared exclusive on one console. Sony is taking a popular IP away from the masses, and it doesn’t matter if it’s from the same company or not, the situation and circumstances are definitely the same.

But no….to you it’s not the same thing anymore…conveniently. And that my friend is where the true hypocrisy is.

SF4 has just a big of a community on the 360 as it did on the PS3 and Sony made sure to kill that. SF4 came out in 2009 and has had numerous updates and is still being played by MILLIONS online, at tournaments and special events to this very day!! Can you say that about any past Tomb Raider or Deadrising game?

You can pretend and point only at that the fact that there was no outrage for Deadrising 3 but there was extreme outrage for the same practice and buying of an existing popular IP like Tomb Raider and even for a new IP like Titanfall. And Sony hasn’t taken nearly the harsh criticism or backlash MS received, especially here on N4G.

But to you and others let’s just pretend that this outrage is new and only directed at Sony now that they bought SFV.

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joab7771199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

The reason it won't affect Capcom like Insomniac etc. is that it isn't a new IP looking to create a huge fanbase. It already has it, and it will release many different SF'S after this, including variations of SF5. We forget that the Super Deluxe edition may not be exclusive.

And many ip's do just fine on PC, and this is on both. Actually the 2 biggest games in the world, BY FAR, aren't even on console...yet!

DLConspiracy1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

The point of the article is not about sales or justifying this move based on sales projections. Its about the fans and how they are put in the middle. Making a certain dollar amount isn't going to wipe away the consumers grief. Nor is every consumer fortunate enough to own a next gen console, own both or have a PC of their own. This is great/bad news for console war idiots and bad news for those who can't afford another console.

Vgchartz has proven time and time again proven to be completely wrong too BTW.

LeCreuset1199d ago

But his argument directly addressed a falsehood contained within the article. As far as VG, they've demonstrated which way their bias slants, so the true numbers probably strengthen the argument.

To insomnium2's point, SF5 proves console exclusives are dumb? Really? TR didn't do that? Better yet, the announcement of 3rd party exclusives Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Ryse, and Dead Rising 3, before Xbox even released, didn't do that? You can't wait until the kid catching combos to the face strikes back to preach pacifism.

Why o why1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Some of these authors suffer from selective reasoning and sensibilities. If this guy didn't make a fuss, if even a little, when the tomb raider deal was struck then I don't want to hear anything from him now. Suck it up.

If he was so annoyed like he is now then I apologise in advance but my gut feeling is he viewed the tr deal as business and this as anti gamer......whadya reckon fellas?

DLConspiracy1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )


The only valid argument in that whole spiel is Dead Rising 3. That's because DR2 made its way to PS3. Other than that all those are original IPs (aka new games). Tomb Raider is timed.

You were right about one thing. Or rather made a good point.

Capcom is really good at making their fans feel left out. Which was the point of what I said and how the author of the article feels. Let's not be passive aggressive about this and call it like it is. Please don't twist this into a console thing.


I never said I agree with him. However, I do love how people are giving this game a pass when tomb raider didn't get the same treatment. Rise of the Tomb raider is timed.. So that's better than permanent exclusive in my book. At least for fans.

Why o why1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

@DLC, No, my point is if it was business with tomb raider its business now and if you were annoyed at tomb raider you should be annoyed now. No side can have it both ways. I'm specifically addressing the spat of articles by authors who are mega pissed at this yet were fine for a franchise, born on the playstation, to be timed on the xbox.....selective reasoning and sensibilities.

LeCreuset1199d ago


Yes, the deal most comparable to SF is the Dead Rising deal. However, it is remiss to put out an article about how SF proves 3rd party exclusives are dumb after turning a blind eye to the fact that Xbox's AAA retail lineup has been held up by an unprecedented proportion of 3rd party exclusives announced before the system even released.

I think you need to reevaluate your understanding of what passive aggressive is. I was pretty direct in the point I made. You say "don't twist this into a console thing," but I'm not going to twist away from reality, either. I'm going to "call it like it is."

People like to crap on Knack, but at least Sony put their money into offering a new 1st party experience. It's my understanding that all of PS4's big retail exclusives released to date have been 1st party: Kill Zone, Knack, Infamous, MLB, TLOU, Drive Club, and Little Big Planet. Compare that to Ryse, Forza, Dead Rising, Titanfall, Forza H, Sunset Overdrive, and Halo.

If we're going to talk about the current state of the 3rd party landscape, let's be honest. It's not Nintendo and Sony relying heavily on 3rd parties. Take away 3rd parties and the only big retail title Xbox owners would have been playing was Forza until Forza Horizon came out.

DLConspiracy1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )


Again I don't care about the console war. I am specifically talking about capcom. Part of the reason I said don't twist it into this is because I wasn't trying to rep my favorite corporation. I wasn't even talking about 3rd party. Both companies have third parties. Even the. Beloved Bloodborne from From Software. Does that make exclusives OK? No it cuts fans out of the equation. Which is rather lame in my opinion.

I am OK with new IPs that are third party. I am OK with 1st parties. I just don't think games that have been out for decades should be permanent exclusives. Who knows it may end up being timed anyway. For now. I don't really like fighting games enough to care. Nor do I have a specific interest in Tomb Raider. However I own both consoles and a PC so it doesn't really affect me. I am just putting myself in the shoes of the consumer that doesn't have that ability and I can sympathize with them.

Permanent exclusives on decade old franchises is lame and not even a good business decison. They are missing out on millions of dollars from long time buyers. Plain and simple.

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tlougotg1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

this game will easily outsell all third party exclusives on other consoles. Sunset overdrive sold bad, Bayonetta isnt putting up good numbers, Dead Rising and Ryse barely sold more thn a million. Sf 5 will sell easily 3 million plus at the end of it all.

This game is going to look crazy on Ps4.

jcole971199d ago

So now people believe vgchartz? People only believe vgchartz when it's beneficial for their arguments. Whenever vgchartz show numbers that are in favor of xbox, its "you're restarted if you believe this". The hypocrisy in people amaze me...

Spotie1199d ago

I guess the " if these numbers are to be believed" part of his comment went RIGHT over your head, huh? Or was it too difficult to understand?

Lemme break it down for you: NOBODY BELIEVES VGCHARTZ. At best, their numbers are moderately useful for gauging trends, and are relatively close to accurate months or even years down the line. Given the performance of every other fighter ever, though, it's more than reasonable to assume Street Fighter did better on PS3.

You only attacked the use of VGChartz because you can't attack the overall message of the comment: that the article is incorrect, and based too much of its premise on that fallacy, rendering the whole thing wrong.

To make matters worse, you don't point out ANYONE who's being a hypocrite; for all you know, the people you say are believing VGChartz numbers here have always done so. Or, for that matter, they've never believed the numbers one way or another to begin with.

If you're gonna try and discredit someone, you have to use something that can't discredit you, instead.

maniacmayhem1199d ago



Then why do most of you constantly use it to prove your points like IGIVEHUGS up there? I swear I see this all the time, "according to VGChartz" followed by "if it's to be believed"...then how can we take your comment credible when all last gen you and others were telling us VGChartz is ran by a Xbox fanboy and should never be trusted.

And if no one is to believe VGChartz then how come you are directing your message at jcole and not Igivehugs?

Jcole is right, most here use VGChartz when it is beneficial to their arguments and console war, when it's not then it is not to be trusted.

You can't have it both ways people.

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Godmars2901200d ago

I think if cross-play is going to be a big feature, given that its seemingly been an issue with MS in the past even if they've made some exceptions, then its likely that Capcom didn't require much arm twisting to exclude the XO. Especially considering how its selling in Japan.

This is an exact example of why Japan, even if console gaming is in decline there overall, is important.

lodossrage1199d ago

I agree with you.

This is the same way of thinking why I keep telling people MS can't pull support out of Japan even if they wanted to.

Can you imagine if they left Japan. How much harder it would be for them to get Japanese franchises on their system? They'd be paying left and right while Sony and Nintendo would get the support almost by default.

Why o why1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Judging by many here on n4g...japan is dead for game development. Things in the eastern hemisphere seem to be downplayed like figments of gaming past.. Dismiss that region at your peril. This is a massive blow for microsoft, massive.

lodossrage1199d ago

Even though people hate it, this was a very smart move by Sony.

Even though Street Fighter isn't the best fighting game (my opinion), it is still by far the most popular. So by making this system exclusive, this move effects Tekken, Soul Calibur, Mortal Combat, Dead or Alive, Virtua Fighter, King of Fighters, Guilty Gear, Blazbue, and any other fighter coming in the future. It ensures every one of them will have the vast majority of their players on Playstation.

Potentially, it can lock the fighting game community mainly to Playstation. Hell, Guilty Gear Xrd is already a PS only game.

Amuro1199d ago

I've been thinking exactly the same thing and as a huge fan of fighting games this makes me extremely happy in a very egotistical way. ;)

Massacred1199d ago

Exactly the point I was making as well.

lodossrage1199d ago

Crap, I just read your comment. I wouldn't have bothered saying that if I read yours beforehand. Sort of makes what I said pointless since you literally said it first lol.

TXIDarkAvenger1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

They didn't have the funds for SFV, only reason they went console exclusive due to a deal with Sony probably. I mean really, it was either that or SFV wouldn't happen at all. I'd love for SFV to be on all platforms but in the state Capcom is in, it was probably this or nothing.

Shadwlord1199d ago

I don't really buy into that argument. Capcom may have made some really dumb mistakes in the past few years and they may not be in the best financial shape in the moment, but they're not in such a bad state that they would need financial support in order to develop a game. Especially when it comes to the Street Fighter franchise, which could easily make back any amount of money invested in the development of a new title.

D2K1199d ago

Sort of like how if Nintendo had not of stepped in and funded them Bayonetta 2 would not have happened and Devil's Third would not be happening. It is a strategic move for Sony and works well for THEM, but for Capcom not so much.

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