Commercial Failure of Disgaea 5 Might Spell the End of NIS

Hardcore Gamer: Looks like the folks over at Nippon Icchi Software aren’t feeling too optimistic about the future of their flagship Disgaea franchise and their company overall.

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ValKilmer1262d ago

Welp, I know what I'm going to get everybody for every special occasion next year.

breakpad1261d ago

these are some concerning news i like Disgaea games

nX1261d ago

Yep certainly not good news, but also not a good decision to release your game on the same day as one of the most wanted games of next year.

fermcr1261d ago

"Commercial Failure of Disgaea 5 Might Spell the End of NIS"

... and going exclusive is the smart way to go. /s

killbillvolume121262d ago ShowReplies(1)
George Sears1262d ago

What a dumb decision and statement coming out from someone who knows that they are on very thin ice. Honestly, it just makes me believe that these companies want to actually fail.

Canary1262d ago

Disgaea 3 sold 470,000 + 240,000 (Vita port) worldwide.
Disgaea 4 sold 540,000 + 110,000 (Vita port) worldwide.
Disgaea D2 sold 180,000 worldwide.

And the first 2 Disgaea games only sold around 300,000 each.

Seems like the sales have been strong and steadily increasing for every game but D2, which seems to have bombed for some reason. No love for Laharl? Anyway, it seems pretty likely that Disgaea 5 will sell in the same 400k range as its immediate predecessors.

Inception1262d ago

Yes, their new IP such as The Witch and the Hundred Knight and Hotaru no Niki also sold pretty good. That's why i don't believe this news. I've searched in siliconera, gematsu, rpgfan, and dualshocker but they didn't have this news about NIS will closed their door if Disgaea 5 got flop.

Canary1262d ago

Yeah. Most developers are smart enough to NEVER sink so much money into a game that they won't be able to recover if it bombs.

GrandpaSnake1261d ago

media is attacking jrpg hype, when it comes to NIS i wouldnt be surprised if they are already developing another game.

gangsta_red1261d ago

You have to consider how much it cost them to actually make the game before you say they had strong sales.

For all we know it may have cost them more to make than what they actually made back in profit. And by this message it seems that the previous titles didn't do so well considering that if this one bombs they may be out of business.

rainslacker1261d ago

Disgaea isn't exactly a money sink. I'm pretty sure they make money off it. I think they should maybe consider increasing the cost to $60 instead of the $10 less for every retail release they have. It would suck being a huge NISA fan, but their games have more content than most games that come out at $60.

I dunno, maybe it would affect the sales numbers and they'd lose more.

HawaiianDreads1262d ago

Can't they just delay the game for about a week or 2 until the hype around bloodborne dies down? Also maybe they need to start expanding the fanbase, the disgaea series have always been a niche title.

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The story is too old to be commented.