Destiny's The Dark Below was shaped according to player feedback

MWEB GameZone writes: "According to Bungie's COO, Pete Parsons, The Dark Below was shaped around player feedback.

This is the end result."

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Sillicur1316d ago

Great to see that developers listen to player feedback at least :)

BattleAxe1316d ago

Yeah, great that they listen to player

Derekvinyard131316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I'm pretty happy they upgraded vanguard armor passed light lvl 30 makes it easier. Weapons not so much, I wonder if this weekends exotics are gonna be higher damage to

FriedGoat1316d ago

Nah it's terrible. I spent ages getting the armour to get to 30 doing the raid and now people can just buy high light armour? What a joke. What incentive is there to do the raid now? None. They keep making this game worse... Commendations too? Please......

C1yn3r791316d ago

@FriedGoat There are plenty people out there that put many hours into Destiny's raid and were unlucky not to get the raid gear they needed to hit lvl 30. Why not be content in knowing you did it your way and let the unlucky ones purchase the gear they need to go toe to toe with higher lvl enemies in The Dark Below? If you've tried the new raid yet you would know that it is quite difficult even for lvl 30's because you come up against enemies that are lvl 31's and 32's.

FriedGoat1316d ago


please... difficult? The new raid took 6 hours for people to complete.

The vault initially took 18...

Shows the difficulty doesn't it?

pompombrum1316d ago

Yeah, I'm sure all the players universally agreed that those who don't buy the expansion should be locked out of the weekly nightfall strike and no longer be able to run the engram strike playlists /s

Ripsta7th1316d ago

Wasnt the dlc alredy on disc? All they did was add enemies hahaa

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HanCilliers1316d ago

I've heard the Raids are (again) not up to difficulty. Anyone knows about this?

Sillicur1316d ago

Apparently the latest raid has been beaten in 6 hours...down from the 14 hours it took to beat Vault of Glass. That could mean the newest raid is even easier...

rdgneoz31316d ago

From what I've heard from those that have done it, it's not too bad except for Crota. That fight seems to be a gimmick fight which involves only being able to do any real damage with a sword that drops from an add...

LoneWolf0191316d ago

Its not that it is easier, its just shorter. Compared to VoG after the Templar fight there is nothing there. Just goes straight to Crota basically.

SonZeRo1316d ago

meh i lost love for Destiny very quickly, as i do for most FPS

lord zaid1316d ago

I was initially very impressed with this game, but I'm over it. It's not terrible or anything, but the sheen is gone andI doubt any patches and updates will fix that. I'll get the sequel once it's been out for 6 months or so. I buy nothing on day one anymore.

masterfox1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

yeah because I want to play again in the same freaking level but different enemy encounters right right ?,

Thank god Bungie "Listenssss" :/

Oh and I wanted too that my game content to be locked yes I truly wanted that, thank you for listening bungie!!!

ughhh they make sick now!, they should be grateful I played their game for soo much time by doing the same thing over and over again, but thanks for todays update now I feel liberated, maybe I will come back later(months) to see if Destiny higher up their standards ;)

HanCilliers1316d ago

Not to mention the ridiculous price of the DLC

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