You Know, That Uncharted 4 Footage Was Freakin' Pre-Alpha

Can we please grasp the concept? Why is everyone passing judgment on that piece of gameplay footage as if the game is in the final development stages?

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Snookies121315d ago

They honestly didn't have to show us anything. It's nice to see how open and honest they are with where they are in development. They're excited to show off the game, even if there are some bugs/glitches that pop up during the preview. This just makes me even more excited to see the final product. It's going to be... Glorious. Looks like I'm getting a PS4 just in time too, right before 2015 starts up.

ShugaCane1315d ago

I was so shocked to hear that there were some criticism towards the presentation. I thought it was marvelous. The second I saw that mountain in the background, I was like "OH !", then I read it was pre-alpha stage and that "OH !" turned into a "OH JESUS THAT CAN'T BE REAL".

Anyway, as you said. Glorious.

SoapShoes1315d ago

I agree the graphics impressed me for prealpha but what really impresses me was the updated gameplay. I was freaking out how much cool stuff they showed for gameplay.

nX1315d ago

Yes I would say that the gameplay in the demo was an even bigger surprise than the visuals, it really looked spectacular.

ColeMacGrath1315d ago

Lol I'm imagining JonTron saying that xD

miyamoto1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )


ND improved on every aspect and detail of Uncharted. Every important aspect of Uncharted. Gameplay, graphics presentation, vertical level design, size, grandeur, character design, AI, combat mechanics, fluid character animation , globaL illumination, physics, special effects, realism and artistry, sound, mud, water, bad guy catching his falling canister, fun factor and my nerdgasm.

My jet black PS4 awaits.


Its obvious you have no genuine knowledge or concern for Uncharted and the history of how Naughty Dog made each of their PS3 games so why even waste your time here. Try to contribute something substantial to this discussion next time please.

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Blaze9291315d ago

Pre-Alpha doesn't really mean much depending on where they are with the visuals. The Destiny pre-alpha was no different from the final version we all got - except for a higher resolution on Xbox One.

Same with Evolve Alpha

Not saying there isn't a chance UC4's visuals won't get better. But also saying there's a chance it won't. so "Can we please grasp the concept?" - no.

SoapShoes1315d ago

Need I point you to pre Drakes Fortune footage? Just a few months later it looked a heck of a lot better than at E3.

KwietStorm1315d ago

To everyone who disagreed, and to the people who replied below, what Blaze said was a game running in alpha does not *automatically* mean the graphics will get better. In Uncharted's case, that wouldn't be an issue either way, but this gamer against gamer mentality without even making the attempt to comprehend what someone is saying is just beyond stupid now. Telling him to try harder. lol for what? He said nothing but facts.

Blaze9291315d ago

Thanks @KwietStorm - smh, someone with some sense finally.

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OB1Biker1315d ago

1 the E3 trailer is supposed to be in the game so compare the same footage when the ganme is released then we can talk about 'downgrade' if needbe
2 Its NOT quite the 'donwgrade' that some want us to believe.
I ll leave it there

Snookies121315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Yeah, it's pretty much the lighting that's different. The darker blue hues make the model look a lot more gritty and realistic. Not to say the brighter areas make it less so. It's just that the darker ones seem to really bring out the detail in the face.

I think it's slightly less impressive than the trailer, but that's a huge compliment. Considering the trailer was pretty much the best looking thing in-game that I've seen.

DragoonsScaleLegends1315d ago

People don't even understand that cutscenes look better than gameplay. Infamous Second Son the cutscenes were a little better looking than the gameplay and I expect the same thing with Uncharted 4.

King-u-mad1315d ago

What people don't realize is pre alphas aren't made to demonstrate monstrous graphics. They are designed to show a working game.

OB1Biker1315d ago

Thank you. I just took a screenshot from a vid comparison I found. Yours is way better and indeed shows the graphics in the new gameplay vid are not that far from E3 trailer

Speak_da_Truth1315d ago

That's how the internet is. Immediately after the keynote I looked at my twitter feed and I saw this one comment "Ryse>UC4 #FACT" and I was speechless.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

The only people who have negative comments about the game are people who have never played an Uncharted game. If these people would have played any of the games in the series, they would be trying to compare it to Tomb Raider or Ryse.

Ryse is pretty, but it plays like 5 pounds of turds in a ziploc bag.

LeCreuset1315d ago

Ryse wasn't even the best looking game when the systems launched, but it's a subjective argument, so that's all trolls have to fall back on, hoping if they repeat that "fact" enough times they'll fool themselves and others into believing it.

masterfox1315d ago

freaking don't care , it looked freaking awesome to me already :D

lemoncake1315d ago

It was put out there to be judged, if they didn't want to be judged why put it out? Judgement isn't just negative feedback, everyone who said wow that looks amazing or made any comment on it judged it.

"Why is everyone passing judgment on that piece of gameplay footage"...."we should be more than encouraged. I've seen alphas before and none of them have been half as advanced as what I saw in that presentation."

you cannot have it both ways, in an article complaining about judging an alpha game you then go and judge that game lol. Next.

LeCreuset1315d ago

Pretty sure it's supposed to be judged for what it is, which is why they noted it was pre-alpha. Nuance, people. Try it.

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