Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Costume Trailer Brings Sexually Explicit Christmas Cheer

The weather outside is frightful, but Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is so delightful, and since you've got no place to go, drown your sorrow with the scantily-clad boys and girls of DOA.

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ValKilmer1350d ago

You had me at "sexually explicit."

MRMagoo1231350d ago

It says partial nudity i missing something cos I didnt see partial nudity anywhere unless legs stomach and arms = partial nudity now days

ps4gamer19831350d ago

If they want this community to keep thriving in the future, they should bring it to Ps4/Xbone/Wii U

Heyxyz1350d ago

They're bringing it to the PS4 and Bone in February, but There's no announcement (And I doubt there will be) of a Wii U version though.