Second Tekken 7 Gameplay Trailer Released in Blistering 1080p/60fps

Just days after the last big reveal, Bandai Namco have followed up with brand new gameplay trailer.

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ValKilmer1231d ago

Ugh, is it bad that now I want this more than SFV?

Eonjay1231d ago

No not at all. I love Tekken. I'm getting both.

mikeslemonade1230d ago

Where's my panda!?

They need to get rid of the juggling. That was a system limitation but they're keeping it for the sake of the tradition.

Septic1230d ago

I'm more of a SF guy but I absolutely love Tekken as well.

For me it's MK>SF>Tekken

creatchee1230d ago


System limitation? Considering that the game has had mechanics specifically encouraging juggling since... forever...I don't really know what you're talking about.

I_am_Batman1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Why would it be bad. Everyone who cares about fighting games has an opinion on that. I for one highly prefer SF as a series. I'm generally not a big fan of 2.5D gameplay in fighting games. Besides that Tekken has always been way too juggle-heavy for me. But I did enjoy Tekken 2,3 and 5 so I'll keep an eye on Tekken 7 as well (won't buy it blind though as I did with Tekken 6).

When I play Tekken it's more casual just for fun couch co-op with friends for me. Street Fighter on the other hand I usually spend hundreds of hours to master as many fighters as possible. It surely goes the other way round too.

mediate-this1230d ago

Yeah im a fighting game fan, but i prefer sf over everything. I have my few guys and i go train hard with them. Adon, sagat, bison.

bladesofagony1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Have been playing it consistently for 8 years now, I can say TEKKEN is the best fighting game franchise ever made,period, than again its my opinion

Majin-vegeta1231d ago

I don't know why but I have a fascination with characters who are based off Bruce Lee.Law and Fei Long are usually my go to players.

I_am_Batman1230d ago

Fei Long and Ken were actually the first two characters I ever mained in Street Fighter 2 which is the second fighting game I ever played (21 years ago). So he still has a special place in my heart :D

Also Bruce Lee is a Legend.

q8kik1230d ago

Fei long is actually based off Jackie Chan and Feng is based off Jet li.

Vaneriuz1230d ago

Haha no... Fei Long is obviously based on Bruce Lee.. Everything from his moves to how he sounds. It's also been stated several times (like it actually had too..). I have a very hard time understanding how someone could make a 1+1=2 out of Fei Long and Jackie Chan :S

q8kik1230d ago

OOOPS My bad i thought he was talking about Lei wulong from tekken XD

WeAreLegion1230d ago

I always main Yoshimitsu.

Deathdeliverer1230d ago

I love tekken and I will be there there minute one on release day, but I swear they are using the exact same models from tekken 6 and tag 2. Particle effects, cloth physics, and animation are obvious steps up but Damn. The characters should have be overhauled by now graphically. I love Tekken to death but Damn Harada. I gotta say SF5 is the freshest new fighter graphically and most likely play style wise on the horizon.

WheatBread1230d ago

I agree. Xrd looks great too.

Deathdeliverer1230d ago

I didn't include Xrd which looks and plays like it was created in heaven because it's basically out. Hopefully a Persona or Blaz Blue will randomly pop up. Nobody ever knows they are in the making until 3 or so months before release.

kowan1230d ago

Tweet that to Harada. If you tweet enough he'll respond. That's what happened with Lucky Chloe. People tweeted so much about her being too fan-servicey so he got annoyed and tweeted about removing her(in the US). He says graphics are about 70-80% finished currently so I hope he still improves on the models.

Inception1230d ago

Can't wait to play Dragunov, Asuka, and Hwoarang :3

Well i will give some chance too for the new character like Safarina, Claudio, Lucky Chloe, and that arabian guy if he make it to the roster.

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