Ameba is a New Visual Novel for Sega Dreamcast

Carl Williams writes, "The Sega Dreamcast is no stranger to wild and wacky games, especially those from homebrew developers. Since Sega left the Dreamcast pretty open, we can debate if that lead to its death at a later time, homebrew developers are able to continue releasing new titles for it over a decade after it was commercially ended. Ameba is new, so new in fact that not a lot is known about it but the developer pedigree is high. Ameba is a product of Retro Sumus, more on them in a minute. Visual novels are interesting as, in North America, they are rare and not received all that well (for some great games in this genre, check out issue #2 of Retro Gaming Magazine). The most popular visual novel to hit our shores was Snatcher for the Sega CD and that was over two decades ago."

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