Which Amiibo Would You Like To See?

Pixel Gate writes:

''Nintendo’s Amiibo’s have already assaulted my wallet, to be totally honest they’ve conquered it. Within two days of their release in Europe I had bought up all of the first wave…after a bit of hunting of course.

The Amiibos aren’t just to look at of course, Nintendo have big plans for latest creations. After all the initial characters in Smash Bros have been immortalized into plastic, the mind starts to wonder whose next to be added to the Amiibo line. With a colorful collection of characters in their vault, Nintendo have a brilliant choice of characters to choose from. From a personal perspective, there’s a few I’d love to see. From cult classics, to modern additions, this is a short run down of future Amiibos I’d love to see.''

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4logpc1316d ago

Id mostly just like a Link that isnt held up by that ugly yellow stick.

PixelGateUk1316d ago

'Stickless Link' I can see the box art now

Dahui1315d ago

I hope they make a squidling (splatoon) one when the game comes out.

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DoggyBiscuit1315d ago

I want a Luigi Amiibo and I want him to have that angry look just like MK8

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