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JohnathanACE1345d ago

This is pretty cool. I'm not as familiar with Dragon Quest or is music but if its as good as the Final Fantasy one its worth a try.

kalkano1345d ago

I've only played 1-5, so far. So far, I'd say it's music is very good, but not quite as good as Final Fantasy's. Of course, I expect more greatness from the games I haven't played yet, and reserve the right to change my mind.

3-4-51344d ago

It's not as memorable or emotional as FF music but some of it is really good.

sirultimos1345d ago

I'm totally down. I love this series!

kalkano1345d ago

Logical. Knowing SE, I should probably wipe this game's existence from my brain, since it likely won't be localized...

Zotaku871344d ago

Why would you think that? Both previous Theatrhythm games have made the jump, and the only Dragon Quest game missing from North America is X, iirc.

gprime1344d ago

and the 3ds port of DQ7. Was really hopeful for that one.

Zotaku871344d ago

Fair enough, but DQ7 has still been seen on western shores. It was actually my first Dragon Quest game, played back on the Game Boy Color.

Zotaku871344d ago

Wait, apologies. My mistake. DQ3** was my first DQ, on the GBC. DQ7 was still over here, on the original PlayStation. My bad!

That said, I can't deny that an updated, portable version of that would be really nice.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1344d ago

Now they need Theatrhythm Kingdom Hearts