MONG Podcast - 63 - Should We Give Up On Ever Seeing A True Final Fantasy VII Remake?

On this week’s MONG Podcast, the team discussed some of the week’s biggest gaming news like The Witcher 3 getting delayed again, Phil Spencer’s comments on Street Fighter V, Final Fantasy X/X-2 possibly coming to PS4, a possible release date for Metal Gear Solid V, Shovel Knight’s sales milestone, H1Z1’s early access release date, and the reveal that Microsoft is publishing Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The team was also asked by a listener what their thoughts were on the PlayStation 4 Final Fantasy VII announcement.

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Godmars2901168d ago

"Should We Give Up On Ever Seeing A True Final Fantasy VII Remake?"


Its been eight friggin years since Square stupidly showed the tech demo, then backed off from promising a full by saying it would take forty years to make. Whoever pushed approved and allowed that demo to be made and presented - SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED!

pasta_spice1168d ago

Square have always shown tech demos at the beginning of each gen though. A 3D FFVI demo was shown on N64, a PS2 tech demo recreated the FFVIII dance scene, and the PS3 tech demo recreated the intro of FFVII. Square are assholes for teasing the possibility of a FFVII remake for almost a decade, but they aren't at fault for showing the tech demo to begin with. It was never meant to be anything more than just a tech demo.

Godmars2901168d ago

Thing is, those first two demos were leaked. Shown behind closed doors. The third was presented to the general public with the notion that it was going to be a real thing. For about twenty-four hours at least.

HentaiMasterRace1168d ago

I'd say no, but I can respect why someone would.

CaspuR1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

dude we should give up on square putting out something half way decent in the rpg genre, hell if anything at all. Apparently square needs the hyperbolic time chamber to develop anything in a timely fashion i mean jesus, there 2 biggest games coming out right now should have literally came out 8 years ago ( ff15 and kh3). I mean seriously wtf r u doing square? Is there like one artist there drawing and animating every single blade of grass and trees leaves for all your games?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1168d ago

They said no remake til a new ff game beats ff7's sales. So yes. Especially if they keep rereleasing ff7.

TheGrimReaper00111167d ago

We really should and we should do the same for the Last Guardian.

That way, you don't set yourself up for dissapointment and if/when it is announced, it will be all that more surprising.

I tend to not listen to review too much nowadays, but rather wait for gameplay and hear opinions (not reviews, opinions!) from people that have shown not to be bias for a game. And every game I picked up has been that much more fun. Cause let's be honest here. No game will be as great as you could imagine.