Destiny – How to Beat This Week’s Nightfall Event With Ease (Dec 9th)

Another week in Destiny means a new Nightfall to indulge in and LzyGmrs have the guide to get you through The Will of Crota and the nasty Omnigul.

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stubee341347d ago

Useless "guide" tells you nothing .Complete nightfall with ease?? Then just gives a description of what happens in the nightfall.

the_mack_attack31346d ago

I wouldn't go as far as to say the piece is useless, it does help in some way, and does EASE the stress by following some of the pointers. The same way I drink Vodka to deal with people like you...

ceballos77mx1347d ago

The worst part is that everything will one shot you in the whole level, that arc burn damage is lethal every enemy has it.