SOE announces H1Z1 server types ahead of Early Access – More pricing revealed

There’s will be three different server types when H1Z1 Early Access launches along with Event Servers.

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XboxOneX1317d ago

I am looking forward to the BETA on PC.

S2Killinit1317d ago

I wonder when this is heading to the PS4 exactly. Usually you have simultaneous release, but they haven't given any hints as to its PS4 arrival, only that its coming.

itBourne1317d ago

It will be a while. SoE have always been pc first. So I Wouldn't hold my breathe

bumnut1316d ago

Probably a long time after Planet Side 2

noxeven1316d ago

I really need a bigger list of what we get and what we dont before giving them any money. From the way this article reads is we get tickets from 19.99 early access version that allow us to play on the event servers but do our items transfer could i just play on a no zombie server and grind tickets for event get op items from event switch to a regular server and be top dog. I mean seems like a mess atm I really need more clarification before they get any of my money.

uajii1315d ago

So should I buy this free to play game in $19.99 or $39.99 version? Can't decide.