ATI Readies OEM Special: Super RV770 To Challenge GeForce GTX 260, 280

AMD's Radeon 4850 and 4870 have been widely praised in the media and put the ATI team back on the map. But it appears that we have just seen a small portion of what the ATI guys have in space for users. The new boards are actually running at well below the clock speed they can support and there is every reason to believe that these cards will be challenging Nvidia's very best.

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thereapersson3818d ago

Then again, all this new tech comes out and the old stuff goes down in price. Everyone wins in that situation because then nobody can have the excuse that they can't afford a gaming computer.

PS360PCROCKS3818d ago

their cheap. $199 and $299

Vip3r3818d ago

Good. If ATI have a 260/280 equivilant for under £200 then it's an instant win.

THE_BATTLERAGER3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

ATI ALREADY have a gt260 equivalent, the 4870 1%-2% more powerful on average. Hopefully this new card will bosst them up the gt280-level performance. Also it will be awesome if there is a SUPER HD4870X2 version as well

highps33817d ago

Unless perhaps you dont own a console but if you do I cant see justifying an upgrade at this time. There has been very little, mainly BF, UT, and Crysis as far as good PC games and neither of those games are truthfully worth the upgrade. Id say the editors are more fun then the games in a way.

PC Market is stale as heck with some truly powerful video cards.

But you always have benchmarking just make sure not to get Vista because 9 out of the 10 programs you probably have used to benchmark wont work! Everest is what im currently using.

Id wait until end of the year. Games like Alan Wake will be around the corner, and hopefully a new MMO. Come on Mythic pull it off! Wish DAoC was still the MMO of choice, that was one sick MMORPG.