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Analog Addiction writes, "The Crew is one ambitious title. Not because it is an open world racing game with a map literally the size of the United States. Nor because The Crew is a Massive Multiplayer Online game on home consoles. Rather, Ubisoft’s latest racing title is ambitious because it attempts to meld the two together, taking the best of both and getting it right."

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nato251349d ago

Cool review man, glad to see you were more positive than alot of others. Make sure you get your facts straight though.

"Another frustrating feature with the medals in the story missions is that you are never told what you need to do to earn the higher medals. In one race, I held the lead for 90% of the race, and was still awarded a bronze medal."

The game tells you the scores you need for each one in the mission summary.

NathanM1349d ago

The game tells you what score you need, but not how to improve it.

nato251346d ago

At the end it gives you the summary telling you how much points to the next medal as well as individual bonuses such as being in first for a percentage of the race. The main score is based on how quick you complete the challenge, which I guess isn't explicitly stated but is fairly obvious.