Tripwire On Killing Floor 2 PC VS PS4 - PC Version Not To Be Dumbed Down, Gameplay Won't Be Affected

A couple of days ago, Tripwire Interactive revealed that Killing Floor 2 would be also coming to Sony's current-gen console. Naturally, a lot of PC gamers felt betrayed by Tripwire's decision, which is why the company issued an official Q&A, addressing most of PC gamers concerns.

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vega2751289d ago

I hope so. Looking forward to the sequel since I got the first one for cheap on steam during the summer sale.

LOL_WUT1288d ago

Good to see them address the PC crowd i'll be getting it on the PS4 game looks intense! ;)

SoapShoes1288d ago

I had never heard of this game but after the PS experience I'm excited for it now!

Adolph Fitler1288d ago

Why the hell do PC nerds keep getting there noses out of joint over having to share a game? Get a life, these developers HAVE to develop the game on a pc, so the pc version usually won't suffer..... PC elitists, are a funny breed.

KingWookiee1288d ago

I can tell why you have one bubble but it's not the so much as sharing that's the issue but the fact that developers do not optimize their PC versions because they only focus on the console version. It should go PC optimize then console but they do it the other way around and half ass the port. Then developers like Ubishit will come out and complain about piracy when they release a broken game to begin with.

NuggetsOfGod1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Ur dumb like ur name.

Will be interested to see how long this game will last on console.

Makes me wonder why people say pc has no games then console
Gamers seem happy to get them.

Wizard_King1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Because the original Killing Floor was so full of user made content that wound up added by Tripwire that it was truly an amazing game. It had 100's of fantastic user made level, monsters and guns and large amounts of it got added to the full game by Tripwire.

I can see that level of user and mod support going to the wind because the PS4 will not be able to support the user made content.

EDIT @ Eonjay below. Tripwire doesn't set up dedi servers for the PC crowd, the PC crowd sets up the dedi servers. Tripwire simply codes the server support into the game. Sony or Tripwire would need to host the dedi servers for the PS4 version as individual users simply cannot host a dedi server for a PS4 game.

I expect P2P for PS4 version

Will the PS4 have dedicated servers for this or just P2P?

I see KF2's full potential being degraded simply by having a PS4 version that wont and cant support all the user made brilliance that this game has to offer.

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The story is too old to be commented.