6 Most Hottest Titles Heading to PC in 2015

Here are 6 hottest video games that are heading to PC in 2015.

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Hamzaali1080d ago

Cant wait for Street Fighter V

jasminlenovo1080d ago

i dont think just cause will populr , why you add Just Cause 3 in this list ?

bmf73641079d ago

Because modding was awesome and the multiplayer mod made it more amazingly fun

SPAM-FRITTER-1231079d ago

Yeh JC3 will sell loads, JC2 sold well due to the modding scene.

Don't just judge us as FPS and MMO nerds.

WheatBread1080d ago

PC is kicking so much ass

ab5olut10n1080d ago

Most hottest was my nickname in high school.

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