Binding of Isaac developer wants even more feedback for Rebirth DLC

Edmund MicMillen seeks community suggestions for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth features.

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BitbyDeath1319d ago

Love this game and will pickup the DLC.
Would be pretty awesome if they had some sort of online competition mode where instead of fighting bosses at the end you fight other players.

Last man standing at the end wins.

SudoNimh1319d ago

That's the beauty of this! You can offer suggestions and maybe just'll see that :D

BitbyDeath1319d ago

Damn, just read -

DON’T: suggest things that will extend our dev time for ages like… “online co-op!” or “online anything!”

There goes that idea ha

GokuSolosAll1319d ago

How about a "Non-Blasphemous" version patch so religious followers of God can enjoy it? I'd pay for that.

As for content, more RPG elements in some way.