Six Year Old Gets GameCube as First Prize

Perth's St John's Shopping Centre recently ran a competition called "Young Jones and the Temple of Lost Treasures" which saw local kiddies chasing around the place getting high street brands seared into their brains... whoops... looking for treasure.

See, loosely tied into the Indiana Jones movie of late.

The winner - according to the shopping centre - was "Young Jamie McNair, 6, from Auchterarder" - crazy name, crazy town. Anyway, fresh-faced young Jamie saw his name "pulled out of the hat by his namesake, and St John's Shopping Centre's Administrator, Jamie Nie!" No freaking way?!

And his prize... "The prize, a Nintendo Gamecube, was won after Jamie completed his treasure hunt entry for Indy's lost items, which were hidden inside retailer windows in the St John's Shopping Centre."

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Zhuk3793d ago

I couldnt think of a better present than a Gamecube for a 6 year old, except an Xbox 360 but beggars cant be choosers

GodsHand3793d ago

Better then nothing for his efforts. Maybe I can send the kid my old Gamecube games.

3793d ago
OgTheClever3793d ago

Didn't you read the sign: "Please don't feed the troll"

GodsHand3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

LOL, at above.

@ 1.1 - He don't want to be cheered up, all he wants is his precious xbox, right Smigel, errr i mean zhuk?

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TheRocker91223793d ago

Give the kid a Wii at least..

Chris Bosh3793d ago

Good old sucky ass prizes that are given away.
The prizes that people give away are wack.

Gandhi Man3793d ago

And it was a Used one at that.

3793d ago
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