Rise of the Tomb Raider, Street Fighter V, and the Return of the Exclusive

Even at the expense of sales, there are compelling reasons for developers to agree to platform exclusivity.

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NuggetsOfGod1344d ago

Interesting that MS is publishing TR.

darthv721344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

In an ideal world, the only exclusives would be 1st/2nd party developed games. Any 3rd party developed title is fair game.

It's the 3rd parties that create the lions share of the games. It's the 3rd parties that should benefit from the sales of their wares being on as many platforms as they want to develop for.

Unfortunately...this isnt an ideal world.

NuggetsOfGod1344d ago

In my ideal world everyone would play on pc and play on an open pkatform with any controller they please and gamers would be the publishers like star citizen.

nigelp5201344d ago

Exclusives are good. PS2 had a crap ton of 3rd party exclusives. Exclusives 1st party and third party games are better than 6 1st party games a year 4 each console. Xbox gets tomb raider ps4 gets Street Fighter 5

Dakidog1344d ago

Yessssssss!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for saying this. Gamers these days are babies, the gaming I grew up with had 3rd party exclusives...this isn't new folks! Stop crying about not being able to play a game on every console, if you like a game and it's only on one console then get that console. Don't give me that crap about "People can't afford more than 1 console", I'm not saying buy both at once...consoles have long life spans and plenty of deals.

PS3gamer4life1344d ago

Ps4 still getting tomb raider

Dirtnapstor1344d ago

Yup. This debate was cleared up a few moons ago. Timed exclusive.

gamertk4211344d ago

That was before the publishing deal and development cost defraying was agreed upon. Sorry, Sony fans.

Kamikaze1351344d ago


Microsoft also published Mass Effect and one of the Ninja Gaiden games.

blackout1344d ago

Time for pc. Good job ms.

Brazz1344d ago

in my oppinion, there are 4 possible ends...

1º) Sony will make a gigantic gap and will get tons of exclusives 3rd., especialy jap. exclusives, onthe road.

2º) Microsoft will money hat some guys, get some big games and close the gap, and things are going to be like Ps3 vs X360.

3º) things are going to calm down, and 3rd. party exclusives are going to die whit time...

4º) 3rd. party exclusives are going to come to the 2 sides! it will be a hard battle and gamers are going to lose some great games in this stupidy console war... T.T

aragon1344d ago

First off I like ur comment and I dont, 3rd party exclusives are money hatted by all sides, I was upset back in day when ps2 got a lot no one complained, it's like we have all forgotten that this started before the Xbox brand even came into existence since Super Nintendo and nintendo 64 / ps1 era, I will post links when I get disagreed with however, my wish is that if a developer wants to make a new franchise a 3rd party xclusive then do it by all means but don't make tombraider and dead rising and street fighter xclusive to one system those are franchises that people could enjoy on all platforms, that all of a sudden can't. When a new franchise is a 3rd party exclusive I don't mind it that much , but when it's a franchise that use to be on all platforms it's frustrating also all companies money hat it's called business.

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